The Winery Dogs Hot Streak Album Review

The Winery Dogs 'Hot Streak' Album Review

~By Maggie Wright @FullMetalRock

If you're a betting man, or woman, never have the odds been more in your favor than with the sophomore album of The Winery Dogs. "Hot Streak" must have been written during a premonition, because it has ended up being a self-fulfilling prophecy for the success the album has attained. I've been following these three artists individually for decades, and I don't use the term artist lightly; for Richie Kotzen (Poison, Mr. Big), Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big) and Mike Portnoy (Flying Colors, Metal Allegiance) are far more than musicians. They are masters.

Independently they are incredible. Sheehan is one of my all time favorite bass players. His innovative style and energy is in a class of its own. Portnoy brings an endless adaptability and creativity unprecedented on drums. While Kotzen, whose vocals are rivaled only by that of Chris Cornell, has sick skills with both guitars and keyboards, making him the ace up the sleeve. Combined, this trio brings together their years of experience, their talent for writing, composing and producing, and their love for playing live, to deliver music that leaves fans begging for more. Thank the rock gods for the genius of Eddie Trunk for suggesting Kotzen as the front man when the band was first forming, as the resulting chemistry has given birth to a completely new and addictive sound.

The success of this trio was evident in their self-titled debut album, and "Hot Streak" proves it wasn't just the luck of the draw that the band were met with such critical acclaim. Opening the album with their now trademark syncopated runs, Oblivion is everything we loved about their first album fine tuned to perfection. Their sound is a jazz infused, blues influenced rock that has a groove totally beyond anything you've heard before. Captain Love shows off Kotzen's ability to go from upper register to lower with the silky smoothness. Sheehan's ability to play intricate bass lines that still deliver power is captivating. He’s outstanding whether as the focus in a bass solo or subliminally as the cohesion between guitar and percussion.

If you are a fan of Portnoy, and seriously how can anyone not be, the title track is full of moments of brilliance that have me listening to this track over and over with sheer delight. Hot Streak embodies everything that The Winery Dogs represents. When you can actually feel the enjoyment the guys having through the music, it is something special indeed. When you get that brilliance and that feeling throughout an entire album, well that is something you just can’t wait to hear live.

Fire and Think It Over show us the softer side of the music, adding another dimension to what this band is capable of. Fire, with outstanding acoustic guitar work and Think It Over with impressive keyboards, are beautifully written songs, which do far more than allow for a break from the blistering tempo of the album. These are songs that should be hits for the band if released as singles; and I desperately hope that they are.

Each track of “Hot Streak” delivers on every imaginable level, and with every listen surpasses it. It has the best of each of the members and it has it in spades. The addition of Kotzen on keyboards, and the stronger harmonies, really set this album apart from their debut album. The Winery Dogs is even more exciting than ever. So when it comes to “Hot Streak”, I’m all in.

The Winery Dogs Are:

Richie Kotzen – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards
Billy Sheehan – bass, backing vocals
Mike Portnoy – drums, backing vocals

“Hot Streak” Track Listing:

Captain Love
Hot Streak
How Long
Ghost Town
The Bridge
War Machine
Devil You Know
Think it Over
The Lamb

Full Metal Rock Gives The Winery Dogs 'Hot Streak'

2 Thumbs Up

For More Information About The Winery Dogs, Including Tickets:

“Hot Streak” is out now via Loud and Proud Records. CD bundles and limited edition vinyl is available here:

Remaining U.S. Tour dates for 2015:

11/03 Anaheim, CA
11/05 Agoura Hills, CA
11/06 Beverly Hills, CA
11/07 Las Vegas, NV
11/08 San Diego, CA

European tour dates 2016:

01/29 Koln, Germany
01/30 Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
01/31 London, UK
02/02 Bristol, UK
02.04 Manchester, UK
02/05 Birmingham, UK
02/06 Paris, France
02/08 Bilbao, Spain
02/09 Madrid, Spain
02/10 Barcelona, Spain
02/12 Roma, Italy
02/ 13 Prattein, Switzerland
02/15 Munich, Germany
02/16 Bratislava, Slovakia
02/17 Budapest, Hungary
02/19 Olomouc, Czech Republic
02/20 Warszawa, Poland
02/21 Berlin, Germany
02/22 Hamburg, Germany
02/24 Stockholm, Sweden
02/25 Inom Vallgraven, Sweden

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