Live Show Photo Review
May 5th
Count's Vamp'd
Las Vegas, NV
Photos and Review By: ~ Chase S.

Unfortunately, not as many bands stop through Las Vegas as one would hope, but when I heard that Warbringer would be coming through I was definitely excited. Of all of the newer thrash bands that have come around in the past decade, Warbringer stands among the finest, both on record, and live. As soon as the curtains opened, and the first chords were strummed, chaos ensued and the majority of the venue turned into a giant mosh pit. Now, I wasn't even born in the 80s, but I sure do know my thrash, and Warbringer made it feel more like 1986 than 2011. Each member of Warbringer was completely into it, and brought their thrash metal brand to an unstoppable level. The band also played a new selection off the record which just makes me even more excited, as I really enjoyed Walking Into Nightmares. The band is currently recording their new album as well, so hopefully there will be more announcements and updates regarding that. Anyways, if you ever get the chance to see Warbringer live, do it. You will not regret it.








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