Whitechapel Live Photo Review

Whitechapel Live Photo Review

March 2, 2017

Cincinnati, Ohio

Photos and Review by ~James Urban

Tonight at Bogart’s in Cincinnati, Ohio was the Metal Blade Records 35th Anniversary Tour, featuring Goatwhore, Cattle Decapitation and headliners Whitechapel. Tonight these bands brought the metal and indeed to all in attendance the metal was brought!

First of the featured bands was Goatwhore, who played faster and harder with every note and verse. Front man, Ben Falgoust, was playing a mean air guitar and not missing a note as he sang. Falgoust is one of the deepest growling vocalist I have heard in person and he never stopped moving and swinging his incredibly long hair. From the back of the stage came the steady thundering dual bass drums of Zack Simmons, every beat was felt in your chest the whole set and continued not to leave you even between songs. I love and appreciate the bands that leave it ALL on the stage when their set is done and Goatwhore is one of those bands!!

The California band Cattle Decapitation growled their way into the night and onto the stage with their hard and heavy music of older songs that started the fans banging their heads. Singer Travis Ryan was in his own world as he gutturally delivered his lines with a metal fervor of a seasoned pro. The band kept up with their lead singer and as fast as he sang and as deep as his voice ventured, they matched the tempo. David McGraw, also a double bass drummer, shook the ground up into your chest as he seemed to beat his kit into submission.

Tonight’s headliners Whitechapel, formed in 2006, are a deathcore metal band from down south in Knoxville Tennessee. Vocalist Phil Bozeman commands the stage in a masterful way working the crowd and delivering the goods as he sauntered onto the stage. This band is string tied, having 3 guitars and a bass shredding the high and low notes bringing the sound that is uniquely their own. Gabe Crisp is a solemn fixture on stage thumping his bass and looking stoic as if the music was flowing from his body feeding the crowd. The wailing guitars of Ben Savage, Zach Householder and Alex Wade filled the air with an electric shock that excited the senses and grew the energy which was given bathe fans returned to the band. Rounding out the sound with his double bass drum set up is Ben Harclerode keeping the beat and completing the heavy hard and fast sound that is Whitechapel. If you have a chance to see any of these bands in your local music venue, do yourself a favor and take a friend and experience them live.


The Saw Is the Law
I, Dementia
Our Endless War
Mark of the Blade
Elitist Ones
Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation
Eternal Refuge
Vicer Exciser
Let Me Burn
Section 8
Possibilities of an Impossible Existence

This Is Exile

Favorite 'FMR' Moments: The massive sounding drums of the double bass kits in all the featured bands sets. \m/ \m/

Whitechapel is:

Phil Bozeman - Vocals
Ben Savage - Guitar
Zach Householder - Guitar
Alex Wade - Guitar
Ben Harclerode - Drums
Gabe Crisp - Bass

Opening Act(s): Cattle Decapitation, Goat Whore

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