T-Rex Mark Tremonti Phase Shifter


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T-Rex  Tremonti Phaser

The Tremonti Phaser, the signature phase shifter brought to you by T-Rex and guitarist Mark Tremonti, gives you everything you could ask for in a modern phaser. From a raw 70's grind to a 21st century sophistication, a few simple controls put you in charge of the entire history of phase-shifted tone.

The Tremonti Phaser features:

- Bite, Rate, Depth, and Level knobs
- 4 Stage and 8 Stage switch
- On/Off footswitch to activate and turn off effect
- Mono and stereo output options

The Tremonti Phaser delivers everything you expect in a phaser and then some. The Stage switch lets you choose between a raw, vintage-sounding effect and a richer, more modern swirl. And the ingenious Bite knob adds a sexy overdrive
edge to any setting. Fast or slow, deep or shallow, vintage or modern, The Tremonti Phaser delivers extraordinary-sounding phased modulation that will take your playing to another world.


Full Metal Rock Gives This Product 2 Thumbs Up !

If It is Good Enough for Mark Tremonti, It is Good Enough For Us !


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