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August 21, 2010 - Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors featuring Dave Brock

The legendary Ray Manzarek & Robby Krieger performing LIVE Doors music almost 40 years after the death of Jim Morrison -- amazing! The Doors are and always will be my favorite band and have produced the absolute best music to ever come out of Los Angeles.

Playing to a crowd of roughly 8,000 on the north beach of Lake Mission Viejo, Ray and Robby opened with "Roadhouse Blues" - the perfect way to kick-start a seemingly mellow crowd. Ray Manzarek's unique sound on the keys is still flawless. Robby Krieger is one of the most underrated guitarists on the planet and he sounds better than ever. As the evening progressed, Ray invited - rather demanded - that everyone stand up - "this is supposed to be a rock show" Dave Brock lead vocalist, said at one point.

Dave Brock - long-time singer of L.A. based Wild Child: A Jim Morrison Celebration, was asked to front Ray and Robby for 2 shows this summer; the first being at Tecumseh Park, Chatham, Ontario Canada on August 13 and exactly one week later at Lake Mission Viejo in Southern California. Dave Brock has built quite a world-wide following over the years with Wild Child, and having followed this band myself for many years, Dave consistently impresses his fans (old and new) with not only his
uncanny likeness to Morrison, but his undeniable ability to purely emulate the late Lizard King. Seeing Dave Brock on stage with Ray & Robby on August 21st was simply magical -- a memorable night for Dave too I would imagine...hearing "somebody pinch me" from the stage was a dead give-a-way.

The setlist included (not necessarily in order):

Roadhouse Blues
Break on Through
Love Her Madly
When The Music's Over
Alabama Song/Whiskey Bar
Moonlight Drive followed by Ray's recital of Horse Latitudes
Spanish Caravan (with a flattering introduction of Robby's flamenco skills by Ray)
Wild Child
A "sex machine" rap by Ray as he introduced the band members leading in to Touch Me...
"Ty Dennis, Robby Krieger, Dave Brock - sex machine" get the idea
Peace Frog/Blue Sunday - fantastic to hear Blue Sunday
Not To Touch The Earth - my personal favorite of the night. No matter how many times I hear this song - I cannot sit still
Love Me Two Times
L.A. Woman
Light My Fire (Encore)

When the unmistakable intro to Light My Fire was heard, the crowd went absolutely crazy, followed by a giant sing-a-long to the very first song ever penned by Robby Krieger!

Lake Mission Viejo hosts a Summer Concert Series each year, and from what I was told - this night with Ray & Robby hosted one of their largest crowds ever. A local Mission Viejo resident, and personal friend of mine, said that he has witnessed crowds leaving mid-way through various shows - this was clearly not the case on August 21st -- a testament to the timeless music of The Doors, and the steadfast talents of Ray and Robby. Along with Ty Dennis on drums, Phil Chen on bass and the addition of Dave Brock for these 2 summer shows - it is no surprise that the crowd was packed in to the bitter end.







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