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"That Metal Show" - Season 8 - Los Angeles, California

THAT METAL SHOW distills decades of your favorite hard rock and heavy metal into a solid sixty minutes. Hosted by Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson. THAT METAL SHOW airs on VH-1 Classic.

Had a great day at That Metal Show. Being a fan of the show it was fascinating to see how it's all put together. 2 episodes were taped back-to-back with roughly 20 minutes between tapings. That Metal Show is taped LIVE so it was hiliarious to see the hosts screw up and have to re-shoot various segments.


1st taping - Jani Lain, Taime Downe, Michael Sweet

2nd taping - Tony Iommi (full hour)

The guest guitarist of the day was none other than Mr. Phil Collen of Def Leppard. Wow! Our seats were right next to him and we chatted between breaks and admired his signature Jackson PC1 - gorgeous guitar - extremely open, friendly guy who seemed to be having a great time. Note: he hung out after and took pictures with everyone!

The 1st taping with guests Janie Laine, Taime Downe and Michael Sweet was hilarious. Much convo about the L.A. music scene and early days on the sunset strip.

The Tony Iommi episode had a whole different vibe. Although he was funny as hell and had some great stories to share, when Tony spoke, you could hear a pin drop. This episode will be the Season 8 Opener - as it should be!

Don Jamieson keeps his script in-hand throughout the taping, so after each page, he scruches them into a ball and tosses them out to the audience. I scored Page 7 of the first taping's script (Don tossed it to me after I called out to him) then immediately had it signed by Phil Collen. Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine signed it for me after the 2nd taping. Personally thanked Don for the FMR interview he did with Patrick. He was very gracious and supportive. I was wearing my FMR T-shirt (of course) and Jim commented on it. Eddie Trunk is now the proud owner of a Full Metal Rock t-shirt - he extended good wishes to all of us.
TMS will be back in L.A. in October - already planning to attend another taping.

Season 8 of That Metal Show debuts on August 20, 2011 on VH-1 Classic. It is going to be a kick-ass season!

Some other guests in Season 8: Lars Ulrich, Sammy Hagar, Tom Morello, Corey Taylor, Jack Blades and so many more!


Many thanks to my friends Gustavo and Thomas for joining me, for their help with the pictures, and for a great day!






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