Interview with Nick Fredell of Taproot and Downshifter



FMR: Nick, Welcome to Full Metal...I appreciate your time, I know you guys are quite busy at the moment, So how’s it going?

NF: Everything has been going great. We are about a week into a two month tour and we've already had a lot of fun.

FMR: And how is it going with your new label Victory?

NF: Victory has been awesome. Everyone over there is working very hard for us and we appreciate everything they do.

FMR: Tell us a little about the new album "Plead the 5th?

NF: First off we are really excited for it to get out there and into everyone's ears. It's definitely something that we are proud to put out. We attempted to make an album that appealed to the aggressive nature of "Taproot" music without losing sight of melody. The album is a good reflection of where we are at right now and we were fortunate to have an opportunity to make it.

FMR: Street Date?

NF: May 11, 2010

FMR: Who did you tap to produce "Plead the Fifth?"

NF: Tim Patalan @ the Loft. It's where "Our Long Road Home" was done and it's pretty much home to us. Tim and the whole family out there have been really good to us.

FMR: Did you record in Michigan, and how long did it take to complete?

NF: Yes, in Saline, MI. It's just outside of our home base in Ann Arbor. From scratch it took about four months.

FMR: You also have a video for "Fractured," nice work, any other video ideas in the works?

NF: Thanks. We've been chatting about it a little bit but then we would have to decide which single is next. Probably not ready for that quite yet.

FMR: I have heard most of the new album, and it grooves man, melody and hooks, any favorite track to perform?

NF: Stolage and Fractured so far, but we are still working on getting some of the other stuff in there. Now Rise has been killer too.

FMR: You should know you do get a lot of radio play here in Las Vegas? We Will be seeing you at Feelgood's on June 12th, venue has a great sound system and back line.

NF: Vegas has always been like a second home to Taproot. Fans there are great, and being Motley Crue fans, we're very excited to play at Feelgood's. That's the kind of music we grew up on.

FMR: Any places you are looking forward to playing on this tour?

NF: Our Michigan shows are always awesome, obviously because its home. Other than that we always love Chicago and Vegas. I sort of feel bad narrowing it down because we are getting a lot of love everywhere right now.

FMR: Is there anything you hope your listeners/fans get out of your music?

NF: Well our music is definitely an outlet for us and we hope it’s an outlet for them too. Whether it be inspirational or just to have a good time and rock out.

FMR: Describe for me a little of the creative process in writing your songs. Do you guys start with a riff, A Melody, or a Pen?

NF: A little of all of that. We definitely had to deal with a little bit of a time crunch and that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Therefore for when we found a riff we built off of that, if the melody came first we ran with that. A lot of this album is just gut instinct and us making the best musical decisions that we can.

FMR: So what can we expect from Taproot in the future?

NF: Hopefully we can just keep doing what we are doing and what comes of it comes of it. All we can do is put our best foot forward and hope for the best.

FMR: Where can people go to find out more Taproot?

NF: @followtaproot on Twitter. We have Taproot Myspace and Facebook pages. Taprootube on Youtube. Also, will be up soon.

FMR: Thanks So Much for your time, is there anything else you would like to plug or add or any shout outs?

NF: Thank you for your time as well and I think we covered it.

FMR: Have a great tour, and we will see you in June at Feelgood's, you should do an in-store here.

NF: We probably are actually. Sahara Records, day of show. Probably around like 2-3pm I believe.






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