May 19th, 2012


Photos and Live Review By ~ Cindy

I can not tell you how blown away I was by this performance. Stryper delivered an epic set, with such skill, precision, and down right fun. Stryper has such awesome guitar tone, and I was very impressed on the vocal delivery of Michael Sweet. Michael sounded great, and possibly better than ever.

What a night! The original lineup of Stryper played some songs off of "The Covering" like "Heaven and Hell" and "Breaking The Law"
("The Covering" was one of Full Metal Rocks Best Albums of 2011 - and also played some classics like "To Hell With The Devil" and "Soldiers Under Command".

Did I mention Michael Sweet was awesome vocally, as well as HE LOOKED HOT!!!

The whole band was flawless, and really looked like they were having fun 30 years into this.

Michael finished the night with a spoken prayer, that was simply AWESOME!!!

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