SoulSwitch Interview

SoulSwitch Interview

By MaggieUK @ Full Metal Rock

SoulSwitch Are:

Tom Huestis, vocals
Nic Allen, guitar
Jimmy Kwong, guitar
Matt Larson, bass
Chris Esquivel, drums

Not content with being boxed into a specific genre, SoulSwitch prove that elements of hard rock, metal, mainstream rock, and pop can be merged successfully with their new EP "Regenerate". Co-produced by the band, John Connolly (Sevendust, Projected) and Jason Suecof (Audiohammer Studio), and mixed by Dave Holdredge (Alter Bridge, Incubus, Falling In Reverse, Limp Bizkit, and Chevelle), "Regenerate" has been anxiously awaited by SoulSwitch fans.

Drawing on personal experiences, SoulSwitch are able to write songs that fans can easily connect with, and they bring the energy from their live performances into the studio. If you like music that can have you head banging in the car, without caring what the person in the car next to you thinks, then "Regenerate" should be on your stereo. The only downside to this EP, is that it is an EP, and it leaves you wanting more.

The video for "Hang on" incorporates a story of time travel and is the brain storm of Adam Arnali, director and photographer at Zero Dark Cinema. Arnali, having worked with the band for their previous videos, seems to have a keen insight into getting SoulSwitch's music across in a mesmerizing way without distracting from it. According to founding member and guitarist, Jimmy Kwong, all their videos are connected, and there are even hidden "Easter eggs" across them. Watch them on their You Tube channel and see if you can spot them!

There's been nothing conventional about the group's genesis. After moving to Orlando from Fort Lauderdale in 2006, Kwong searched for like-minded musicians. The guitarist had already penned several songs, but he simply couldn't find the right guys to bring them to life. While seeking out a certain kind of milk at Target, he asked Matt Larson for help. Unfortunately, Kwong didn't leave with the milk, but he did walk away with a bass player.

"Believe it or not, I found Matt at Target," laughs Kwong. "Even though he couldn't find the milk, I thought, 'What the hell? He's got long hair. Maybe he's a musician.' I found out he played bass and we started jamming together. He introduced me to Nic Allen, and things started moving." From there, the band recruited Tom Huestis, who had relocated from Hartford. Chris Esquivel, drummer, joined the band in 2014.

Organically cultivating a following around Orlando, the band won local competitions to open up Earth Day Birthday festival three times, and have now played there eight times, a record tied with Sevendust. They've shared the stage with everyone from Saving Abel to Papa Roach, and had their previous EP , "As It Seems", produced by Michael "Elvis" Baskette (Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Slash).

Ultimately, SoulSwitch is about building connections. "I hope fans have a personal connection with the music and the lyrics," concludes Kwong. "I want them to feel connected to the music. That's how we feel when we play live. By the end of the show, they're like family."

For More Info Visit:

Twitter: @SoulSwitch

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