Induction Ceremony - July 10, 2012
Hard Rock Cafe - Hollywood, California
Reported By Full Metal Rock ~Mo

The Emcee for the morning event was a representative from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce who proclaimed July 10, 2012 "Slash Day" in Hollywood.

In attendance representing Slash were his wife Perla, sons London and Cash, Myles & Selena Kennedy, former Guns N' Roses members Gilby Clarke and Steven Adler and a variety of friends and family.

Speakers (personally invited by Slash) included Producer Robert Evans, legendary Los Angeles Freeform Rock DJ Jim Ladd and the inimitable (and Slash's neighbor) Charlie Sheen.

The ever gracious and rather soft-spoken Slash addressed the crowd stating that he was "needless to say totally overwhelmed at the moment"...extending shout-outs to family and friends and thanking everyone for their attendance in support of this very special acknowledgement. Some fans had been waiting in line as early as 4:30am to see Slash receive his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Slash further thanked "3 of the coolest people I fuckin' know...Robert Evans, Jim Ladd and Charlie Sheen for speaking on my behalf".

My favorite comments from Charlie Sheen...

"It was June 3, 2012 at 10:37pm when I received the following text from Slash...
Hey Charlie, how's it going?...I'm getting a star on Hollywood Blvd. in July...
would you want to be one of the speakers on my behalf? Now, I don't know about you...I don't care how important you thnk you bitchen you find many times you got many billion dollar hit tv shows you've had, when a text like that comes through, ...suddently you are a 13-year old boy and you have just been given a back stage pass to rock and roll's biggest party...Congratulations Slash...that star is gonna be stepped on more than the coke we did in the 80s."

Slash went to school in Hollywood, started playing guitar in Hollywood, rehearsed just steps away from where his Star now sits, and ditched the better part of the 7th and 8th grade with his friend Steven Adler. Slash has been a part of Hollywood's fabric for many years, and is a rock icon well-deserving of a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Congratulations Slash from your friends at Full Metal Rock!





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