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Downshifter: Today we have Emily Lazar from September Mourning at Full Metal Rock... So how's it going Emily?

Emily Lazar: Rollin like a rolling stone....

Downshifter: For those who may not know of September Mourning, tell us a little about you, and your band?

Emily Lazar: September Mourning is a visual art and music dark culture project. It is not a band... it is a conceptual project with a musical component. It is based on the story of a girl, a reaper actually, named September. She's a bad ass. Ha. There is a comic book and a live action webisode coming out soon telling more of the story.... We are working with Top Cow productions and MTV Geek on this. I'm super stoked for you all to experience this....

Downshifter: Awesome! So the new CD (and what I have heard of it so far, is KILLER)

Emily Lazar: The CD is called "Melancholia" and Thank you!

Downshifter: So How has the response been so far ?

Emily Lazar: The response has been awesome. We wanted to put out a cd of all the songs that were developed early on in the project since we toured on them with Manson. I know our fans have been patiently waiting for it. All of the songs represent stories of the souls that my character, September has taken from our world. The CD drops on May 18th on Repo Records in Germany (www.reporecords.de)

Downshifter: Cool! So Tell us a little about the production...

Emily Lazar: This album was self produced. I am lucky to be working with some amazing talented people in my band that were essential in creating the initial sound of September Mourning. Dave Ogilvie from Skinny Puppy (who also worked with NIN and Manson, among others) mixed and mastered the album and he's pretty epic.

Downshifter: You were involved in one of the Best Albums of the year, in the Foo Fighters Wasting Light, tell us a little about your involvement, and how cool was that?

Emily Lazar: LMAO. Let me settle this on the record.... There is a woman in NYC named Emily Lazar that is NOT me. She works at the Lodge and is an awesome masterer. We share the same name but are not the same person hahahhaha

Downshifter: Last time I saw you was at The NAMM Schecter Party, and you were walking the stage with the Coffin Case Ladies, What was that like?

Emily Lazar: I had fun. I've worked with Jonny Coffin before. I did some modeling for Coffin Case and they support the band a lot. :)

Downshifter: Any Big shows or tour plans for release of new album?

Emily Lazar: We are planning on going over to Europe to support the record this summer. We can't wait to meet all of our European fans over there.

Downshifter: Where can people go to find out more about September Morning?

Emily Lazar: We are developing a website at the moment for SM but until the launch, check us out on facebook.com/SeptemberMourning and check out some of our teaser trailers on Youtube for the new sounds coming from September Mourning at youtube.com/mlazar13

Downshifter: Any bands out there that you would really like to play with, or even see?

Emily Lazar: We would love to go out with Marilyn Manson again as well as Nightwish, Evanescence, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, 30 Seconds to Mars, Within Temptation and Flyleaf.... love all of them.

Downshifter: Nice! Good Pics of Bands.... Any ways, Thanks Emily for your time, Are there Any Shout outs you would like to give?

Emily Lazar: Just to our fans, who are truly the greatest... we can't do any of this without you.






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