The Scorpions "Forever And A Day" DVD Review

Scorpions' "Forever And A Day" documentary, Directed By Katja Von Garnier

Review By ~Maggie Wright

The Scorpions "Forever And A Day" DVD Review

Very few bands are able to survive the pressures of the music industry, the fickleness of the public and the toll of endless touring. The great ones may make it through a decade or two. Scorpions are in that upper echelon of bands who've seen half a century of success. "Forever And A Day", the fully authorised documentary, gives us a glimpse of the Final Sting trek, while brilliantly intermingling flashbacks from throughout their career. The 2011-2012 tour, which was promoted as their farewell tour, actually convinced the band that they were not ready to call it a day. This documentary captures that essence of rock music, the love of performing, the passion of the fans, and the longevity songs can have when they connect with people.

Scorpions was formed in 1965 in Hanover, Germany by Rudolph Schenker, (guitars) brother of Michael Schenker, who himself was a member of the band for a period of time. We get the opportunity to hear from current and former band members, producers and managers, journalists and promoters and more, with a very relaxed and yet frank perspective on the ups and downs of their work. There are testimonials from the likes of Alex Skolnick (Metal Allegiance, Testament), Paul Stanley (Kiss), and the most impressive one being that of the former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev. The latter of which is one of the most impressive stories that has ever taken place in the history of rock, and one that we will not see the like of again. Scorpions' visit to the Kremlin in 1991 and their tour of Russia were unprecedented and made huge headway for the future of rock music.

The transition from hard rock to melodic rock allowed Klaus Meine (vocals, guitar) to excel and make way for their anthemic rocks songs we still here today. From Thailand to Japan, Lebanon to France, there are raw footage clips and archive images cleverly interjected at opportune intervals to emphasize the impact the German band had on the world. And even more so , the impact the fans had on the band There is humor and heart ache; love and loss. For me the most poignant moment was when Meine refers to the love the band has felt from their fans all around the world, but never from their own country. The hurt is his heart is captured by the camera in a split second that spoke volumes.

The focus is on the story of Scorpions throughout the film, with just enough clips of the favorite songs to make you immediately want to dig out your vinyl and hear them in their entirety. More over, it makes you want to look at their current itinerary and book tickets, before the credits even finish rolling. This DVD is both for the long time fans of the band, as much so as for those unfamiliar with their catalogue. The documentary is visually impactful, and emotionally insightful of one of the greatest rock bands in the world. We are starting to see the beginning of the end of the bands of this era, but fortunately the farewell tour was such a success that Scorpions have decided they could not end it there.

Scorpions recently wrapped up the U.S. leg of their 50th anniversary tour, which also supported their latest studio album, "Return to Forever". They will finish 2015 with a series of European dates in November and December, with additional dates in February and March, 2016, including a series of gigs in their homeland. There are plans to play more dates in the U.S. in May, as well further dates in China and South America.

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The Scorpions "Forever And A Day" comes to DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms on November 27th

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Scorpions Are:

Rudolf Schenker (guitar)
Klaus Meine (vocals)
Matthias Jabs (guitar)
James Kottak (drums)
Pawel Maciwoda (bass)


I'm Going Mad
In Search of the Peace of Mind
Lonesome Crew
This is My Song
Can't Get Enough
We'll Burn The Sky
Big City Nights
Black Out
China White
Coast to Coast
Kottak Attack
Coming Home
Make it Real
No One Like You
Rock You Like a Hurricane
Hurricane 2000
Still Loving You
Crazy World
The Zoo
Send Me an Angel
Is There Anybody There?
As Soon as the Good Times Roll
Sting in the Tail
To Be No. 1
The Best is Yet to Come
When You Came Into My Life
When the Smoke is Going Down
Wind of Change

Full Metal Rock Gives The Scorpions "Forever And A Day" DVD 5 Stars of 5

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