Superjoint Live Show Review

Superjoint Live Show Review


July 14, 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio

Photos and Review by ~James Urban

As the hot steamy night in Ohio was coming to a close the “It Takes Guts” tour came through Cincinnati and made it even hotter and louder. Starting the night was Child Bite with the hard music and lyrics and unique front man Shawn Knight. He was all over the stage and seemed to bring the crowd in immediately with his onstage presence. Next was the Australian band King Parrot, again a very active band with a front man making the crowd pay attention with his crazy antics and frequent self-baths of water or spraying it into the crowd.

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After a 10 year hiatus, Phil and the boys from Superjoint Ritual embarked on a summer tour despite early word that it wouldn’t happen. The band, now going just by Superjoint, came out brutalizing the crowd with Anselmo’s growling harsh lyrics and the pounding rhythmic metal sound the band deals out. Jimmy Bower and Kevin Bond were on top of their game producing shrieking and wailing guitars matched with the thundering rhythm section of Stephen Taylor on bass and José Gonzales pounding on the drums. With Superjoint favorites like, “Everyone Hates Everyone”, “The Introvert” and “Fuck Your Enemy”, fans were pounding their fists and banging their heads in unison shaking the walls of Bogart’s. Shawn Knight, of the opening band Child Bite, came on stage and joined Anselmo with his vocal stylings to help front the song “It takes no Guts” adding his growls and energy to the song. If you get a chance get out and see Child Bite, King Parrot and Superjoint at a venue near you.


Oblivious Maximus
The Alcoholik
Everyone Hates Everyone
The Introvert
4 Songs
("Songs" 1 & 4)
Drug Your Love
The Horror
Haunted Hated
The Destruction of a Person
Waiting for the Turning Point
It Takes No Guts
(w/ Shawn Knight of Child Bite)


Fuck Your Enemy

Favorite 'FMR' Moments:

Seeing Phil on stage and the collaborations with the opening bands. Hearing the band bang out “Everyone Hates Everyone” and “Fuck Your Enemy”\m/ \m/

Superjoint Ritual is:

Philip Anselmo - Vocals
Kevin Bond - Guitar
Jimmy Bower- Guitar
José Manuel Gonzales - Drums
Stephen Taylor - Bass

Opening Act(s): Child Bite, King Parrot

Remaining US Dates:

Jul 21: Greene Street Greensboro, NC
Jul 23: Warehouse Live Clarksville, TN
Jul 24: Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola, FL
Jul 25: Warehouse Shreveport, LA

For More Info:

twitter @philiphanselmo

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