RavenEye Live Gig Review

RavenEye Live Photo Review by Maggie Wright

May 7, 2017

Oslo, Norway

RavenEye have been making huge strides in their very brief history. With only an EP ("Breaking Out") released, they opened for Slash across Europe and the U.S., and with their 2016 release ("Nova’) they are touring with KISS in Europe. They are proving their metal, not only in the quality of the songwriting, but in the intense performances they deliver. Having had the opportunity to see them in small venues, on ShipRocked cruise, and in arenas, I am left in no doubt as to the talent this trio has to bring a unique style of hard rock to music lovers around the world.

Opening with Come With Me, RavenEye performed to an already packed venue at Oslo Spektrum. Brown engaged with the crowd with his unique voice, and a guitar that played like a dream, on song that began melodically and slowly built to huge decibels. Brown, Spiers and Breeze had an electric interaction on stage that made them fascinating to watch. Whether it was Brown standing on the bent knee of Spiers, or Breeze running from the drum kit to the front of the stage to fire up the crowd, it was obvious that they wanted to take the crowd with them on a journey of their music, so that the fans could feel all the passion that’s been poured into it.

Inside, one of my favorite tracks on "Nova", was a perfect example of RavenEye’s mastery of music, rhythm, tempo and lyrics, and at such a young age. This song, full of angst, heavy guitar, and a brilliant bass line from Spiers, was incredible to watch live, and, in my opinion, encapsulated the personalities and energy of this band.

Breeze, who only joined the band in 2016, has proved himself a huge asset, and a perfect fit. He showed an ability to feel the rhythm of a song and deliver it in a way that says, "I have your attention, now you’re mine!" His delivery on Hero, in particular, was absolutely wicked to watch.

Knowing how to please the crowd, RavenEye split the setlist equally between their releases, with the second half of the set being songs from their EP. Hey Hey Yeah, a catchy song with a chorus that enabled easy crowd participation (even though their first attempt was so lacking that Brown had to stop them and start over!). It included Brown performing a blistering guitar solo while on Spiers’ shoulders, while Spiers continued to play and walk the breadth of the stage!

The guitar solo during You Got It was absolutely superb, and the crowd seemed completely transfixed. But the end of the set, RavenEye had the crowd in the palms of their hands, and it was no surprise. Whether you see this band as support, a headliner, or at a festival this summer, you will leave feeling completely blown away!

RavenEye is:

Oli Brown - lead vocals, guitar
Aaron Spiers - bass, backing vocals
Adam Breeze - drums, backing vocals

RavenEye Set List:

RavenEye are opening on the European leg of the KISS World Tour 2017.

The remaining date are:

May 12 Dortmund
May 13 Stuttgart
May 15 Torino
May 16 Bologna
May 18 Munich
May 20 Brno
May 21 Vienna
May 23 Frankfurt
May 24 Rotterdam

Additional Dates:

June 9 Download Festival (Paris)
June 22 Download Festival (Madrid)
June 30 Plovdiv Festival

For more info:


Hero (Official Video):

Inside (Official Video):

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