Queensryche with special guest Lita Ford
Nov. 10th @ City Club in Houma, LA
By: Patrick666

Queensryche took the stage opening up the show with “Neue Regel” and continued to rock, non-stop, through seven more songs off of “Rage for Order.” During the “Rage for Order” suite I was mind boggled by Tate’s voice and Scott Rockenfield’s drumming, and Eddie’s bass… not to mention Mike Wilton ”Whip” on guitars and of course Paker(Geoff’s Son-in-law).. It really was a sight to see. Once they finished their “Rage for Order” suite Tate came out and talked a little bit about how “An American Solder” came to be. Large screen showing live feed of the band as well as war scenes were intense with the music.

Tate’s father was a veteran of Korea and Vietnam. Growing up Tate always would ask his dad for war stories and his dad would always reply with, “You don’t want to hear that shit.” In 2006, when Tate was at home visiting, his father just started telling him the war stories. Tate taped his father’s story and then went on to interview several other veterans, from World War II to what’s going on now. The band really appeared to have poured their heart and soul into the album. In between songs Tate would come out and tell another war story. This album is definitely worth picking up.

Once the “An American Solder” suite ended, Queensryche remained on the stage. Tate then introduced Lita Ford. He walked off stage while Lita and her husband Jim Gillette came on. The filled capacity of around 600 people went into frenzy. The band ripped into the first song “Crave” off of the new Lita Ford album entitled “A Wicked Wonderland.” Gillette provided backing vocals on the song.

Having heard the new Lita Ford album I knew the new songs. She played “Crave” and “Patriotic S.O.B.” off of the new album. They definitely rocked live with a strong sexual vibe between Lita and Jim. Then Tate came back on stage as Gillette walked off. Tate went on to call the next song the best part of the show. He told a story of when he first heard the next song. Then they busted into “Close my Eyes Forever” with Tate singing Ozzy Osbourne’s vocal part. And yes she can still play the guitar!

Once Lita left the stage Queensryche jumped into their “Empire” suite. They played five songs from “Empire” including “Best I Can,” “The Thin Line,” “Silent Lucidity,” and then encored with “Jet City Woman” and “Empire.” I was thoroughly impressed…. This was my forth Queensryche show and they are one of the best live acts to see as well as the nicest guys in the world and have a real love for their fans!!

**I own every Queensryche album. I have be a fan of their music for 15 years....This band is full of top notch performers. Geoff Tate’s voice... Not just his singing voice, but his talking voice. He needs to narrator kids books....It is magical!**




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