Ozzy Osbourne Book Signing
I Am Ozzy
Las Vegas
Photos by ~ Downshifter


Ozzy was in town to do a book signing for his new book "I AM OZZY" and what a draw! Die hards had camped out all day, and there were many who had traveled from different parts of the country, to catch the madman himself in a special book signing event. I AM OZZY is currently in the #38 position at Amazon.com in the hot new releases in books and moving up. Ozzy showed up at 5:30 an hour before his scheduled appearance and began his signing. With the line of fans wrapped entirely around the massive building, Ozzy signed, and signed, and signed. He stayed after the scheduled time and showed his True Character.

After I shot some photos in the couple of minutes press time, I took place in the line at about 5:45 pm, I managed to get to Ozzy at about 8:25pm, while in line I talked shop with my bff (best fuckin friend) Nick, and we shot out some tweets and had some laughs. At one point out of curiosity Nick searched Ebay on his iPhone for autographed I AM OZZY books, and the search yielded about 80. So out of the 3 book signings thus far (Full Metal Rock has attended all 3) I would say there is about 10% of the crowds who are douche bags. Trying to make a buck. I say fuck that! Go and get your own! Besides out of those 80, how many are fakes?

Ozzy has announced a 2nd leg of book signings for his autobiography I AM OZZY which entered the NY Times Best sellers list at #2. Get your copy at the location you would like it signed by Ozzy on the following dates and locations below. You need to purchase your book from the store of the signing you are attending. Check with the store for their rules.

Checkout this video. It shows the early part of the signing. The press part that I spoke of.

Catch Ozzy at one of his book signings:

February 21, 2010: San Francisco, California @ Book Passage
February 26, 2010: Miami, Florida @ Barnes and Noble
February 27, 2010: Dallas, Texas @ Barnes and Noble






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