FMR: Hey Oridium, welcome to Full Metal Rock

Oridium: Thank you! Lea here speaking. We are extremely excited about this interview because we were checking out all the interviews you have done with Bullet for my Valentine, Kittie, Eyes set to Kill and so on! So it is an honor to now be on that incredible list of bands!

FMR: Well Lea, its an honor to have you...So how’s it going? Tell us a little bit about Your Band, - Lineup?

Oridium: We’re great! We are based in San Antonio, TX with our crazy weather. The band consists of 4 members: Aaron Garcia on guitar, Garon Garcia on bass, Jon Rodriguez on drums, and me Lea Garcia on vocals. You are probably wondering why 3 of us have the same last name? Well Aaron and Garon are fraternal twins and I am their baby sister. Jon is actually an identical twin with our head roadie Jason and we’ve known them for going on 10 years! So we are surrounded by family.

FMR: Any Story behind the Band name Oridium, or why you chose it?

Oridium: Let’s see here….lol we are a bunch of nerds to put it nicely! We got the name Iridium for the periodic table of elements. Told you we were nerds! Anyway, we loved the name and I believe it is liquid metal which is pretty cool. The only thing was that we googled the name and a clothing company or something like that had it so we decided to change the I to an O. Cool huh?

FMR: See, I learn something everyday, did not know that about the table of elements...So, If you had to in one sentence, define your music?

Oridium: A juxtaposed fusion of metallic strings and drums with the melodic lyrical styling’s of a true inspirational American poet.

FMR: I am really digging on your song "Frivolous", How does Oridium approach the writing process? with a melody, a riff, or ?

Oridium: Pretty much what happens is Aaron (guitar player) will come to all of us with a riff. He usually comes to me first to see if I not only dig it but if I can put melody to it. If I can then we take it to the rest of the band and Garon (bass player) and Jon (drummer) will start playing until we find something that rocks! But this can be a pretty interesting and entertaining process because 3 out of 4 of us are related and Jon is pretty much a brother. So basically there are some colorful words thrown around if one of us doesn't’t like something. But hey…that’s the joy of being in a band!

FMR: Who are your musical influences or mentors?

Oridium: Well we listen to a variety of music. Tool, Metallica, Killswitch Engage, Elvis, Los Lonely Boys, Jimmy Hendrix, Mozart, just to name a few.

FMR: Is there anything you hope your listeners/fans get out of your music?

Oridium: We just love to be able to connect with our fans. Me personally, I love that fans can relate to the lyrics because these are all experiences that we’ve been through. We’ve had several girls come up to us in tears due to one of our songs called, “Charade” which is about a girl who finally realizes that her efforts to make a relationship work not only failed but that this guy made her look like a fool as well. But finally she see’s that she deserves to be happy. So women will come up to us after the show still crying and telling us how the song describes exactly how they feel!

FMR: Your vocals are great ....is there any secret or special preparation or tricks you do before a show

Oridium: Thank you very much! Well before a show I won’t eat any spicy food, or drink beer. I really won’t even be around smoke. I try to do everything possible to save my voice from sounding hoarse.

FMR: So I would not be let around you... what song is your personal favorite to perform live and why?

Oridium: Geez that is a tough question. I actually have a few favorites but if I had to pick just one… I would have to say Frivolous. I love the energy that not only comes from us when we perform it but from the crowd. The people who haven’t heard this song before freak out when we start of slow and then boom! We hit you with heavy riffs and Jon’s double bass. Plus the lyrics are very personal and honestly this melody is one of my favorites!

FMR: Any crazy show stories to share?

Oridium: lol oh if you only knew! We actually have had probably 3 surgeries with the band members within the past two years with the 4th coming up

FMR: What can we expect from Oridium in the rest of 09 and into 2010?

Oridium: Well unfortunately I will be having surgery on the 29th and I am expected to take almost 2 months to fully recover. So that pretty much takes care of the rest of this year. However with the signing with TVPR we have already come into contact with a lot of amazing connections and expect a huge 2010 that will take the nation by storm!

FMR: Yeah TVPR is awesome! so being based out of Texas, Have you ever played or been to SXSW? There where some bad ass bands this year

Oridium: Unfortunately we have always been out of state when the SXSW arrives but it is on our list to do for sure!

FMR: Do you rock any covers, or even want to?

Oridium: We rock just a few covers but we usually have a very different approach with how we pick them. We have done some traditional ones like Alanis Morsette, Tool and Breaking Benjamin. But we also like to take songs you wouldn’t expect a rock band to cover like the hip hop song, “Cyclone” and Britney Spears, “Womanizer”. LOL Our fans love our shows because you just never know what we will do!

FMR: Where can people go to find out more Oridium?

Oridium: Yes you can go to any of our websites -




and you can also search us on Facebook!

FMR: Thanks So Much for your time, is there anything else you would like to plug or add or any shout outs?

Oridium: We just wanted to thank Tanya and TVPR. She is an amazing and hard working lady. Also our parents, Jon’s parents and all our family, friends and fans! Keep checking up on us because 2010 is going to be a busy and crazy year for us.

FMR: Thank you for the interview!


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