NAMM 2010 DAYS 1, 2, 3, 4 COVERAGE


Day 1

By Cindy & Mo

Started off the day by going to say hi to our friends at PRS and Morley. Then over to Sheckter to see who might be signing. Spoke to Michael who told us that Avenged Sevenfold had been scheduled to do a signing, but will not be for obvious reasons. Went over to see who might be at Peavey - ran into JD DeServio (BLS) who told us he would be doing a signing at Samson at noon. Saw Dave Mustaine at the tail end of his signing at Marshall, as well as Dick Dale at the Dean Markley booth. Proceeded to Samson to see JD, and ran into our fellow comrade Andrew who had just left Mustaine and was in line for JD's signing. While waiting for the other bass players to show up, JD stopped and took pictures with us in line. Got pictures and autographs of Victor Wooten - Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Nate Watts - Stevie Wonder's band, and Stu Hamm - Joe Satriani's band. JD is a character - he commented, " you guys should photoshop my yellow teeth."

Took a lunch break and had the pleasure of hearing a senior marching band, with baton twirlers and all. "Get A Life Marching Band" hail from Portland Oregon. They played some real hip tunes and were awesome.

Walked around some more - got great pictures of gear and goings on. Went to visit Darryl from Rock and Roll GangStar, then ran into Nick Catanese (BLS) some pics and hugs - great guy! Headed over to VOX, and on the way ran into Verdine White of Earth, Wind & Fire. When we got to VOX we found out that Tommy Shaw would be doing a signing as well as a performance on his VOX signature guitar. Tommy performed a few songs including Renegade that had the small crowd - including us - singing along. Got pictures with Tommy afterwards, and Cindy got to give him a kiss on the cheek - the highlight of her day! Stay tuned for Day Two.



By Cindy & Mo

These two days are the biggest days at NAMM. There is so much to do and so many people to meet. Here is a list of a few people we met: Dave Ellefson, John Fred Young (Black Stone Cherry), Mike Clark (Suicidal Tendencies), Jonathan Montoya (Saliva) Chuck Billy (Testament), Lemmy (Motorhead), Jason Bonham, Dalea Cherie (Great new singer/guitar player). We had lunch with her and her manager, everyone should check her out. Also we were handed the Pick of Destiny by Kyle Gass himself. We went to visit our friend Darryl at Rock and Roll Gangstar and hung out with Tracii Guns and Jack Ripper. We also had the privilege of meeting Marcus Henderson - the original Guitar Hero (laid down the tracks for Guitar Hero). He gave us this special pick with his fingerprint on it, made my Guistar Pics. We got to talk to Rich Mackey who invented these pics. He came up with the idea because being a novice player, would have the pics slip out of his hand alot. He thought if you could have something on the pic that you could grip then it wouldn’t slip. His sister collected pics which gave him the finger print idea. He has the artists thumbprint on the pic right where they would hold it. They are so cool and Rich says it’s a great way for the artists to connect with there fans when they give their pics away. Also, they donated 2000 pics for Alice Cooper to a music school for underprivileged kids. Very Cool!! Check them out, they will be expanding soon.

Our friend Torsten at T-Rex hooked us up for NAMM Jam, Got to see a lot of jamming. LA Guns and Collective Soul headline. LA Guns were rocking and Collective Soul, well what can we say. Ed seemed to be struggling from the moment he hit the stage, he could barely stand up and knocked over is mic stand and almost fell over it. After 3 songs he said he had to stop due to loss of voice. Loss of voice?

After they left it was a music free for all with Dave Mustaine and company, Corey Taylor, Tim Ripper Owens, Uli Jon Roth, it was rocking!

The two highlights for Saturday for us were Corey Taylor playing an acoustic set at Korg and meeting him after, and Orianthi being presented her signature PRS by Paul Reed Smith himself, then watching her perform. She is amazing! This year was a lot of fun and we will be there again next year.

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