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What are the odds that both Judas Priest, and The Iron Maidens would be playing Las Vegas On the same night at the same time? Scream for me! Breaking the What? Scream for me! Breaking the What?

We wanted to be at both shows to catch them in their entirety, dilemma what's one to do? We actually ended up hitting the Judas Priest show at the Pacific Amphitheatre In Orange County Calif. a few days earlier, so we could catch both of The Iron Maidens Sets at The Sante Fe. Let it be written that Rob Halford is still the Metal God and Can Hit every note Vocally that he ever did. Judas Priest put on a high energy show playing an awesome set list of British Steel Tunes, and several other gems. One would be foolish to miss this tour, Priest is back, and in a Big way.

The Iron Maidens put on an equally high energy show (actually way better) inside the Chrome show room. The Iron Maidens are the ultimate tribute to Iron Maiden, and they just happen to be attractive females. I will reiterate this again, if you have not got to see them perform, you must.

You will not be disappointed. This was lead singer Kirstens 15th Show, and Guitarist Courtneys 17th, Quite honestly most powerful lineup ever.

Checkout their website for tour dates, chances are they are playing near you.

They will be returning to Las Vegas in October, and I better see you there!


Until Next Time ~Enjoy Our Maidens and Priest Photo Review!


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