Interview by: ~ Downshifter

Full Metal Rock recently had the pleasure to have a brief chat with MNEMIC's dynamic frontman GUILLAUME BIDEAU

FMR: Guillaume, Thanks for your time, and Welcome to Full Metal Rock!

Hi Tim! I hope you are doing great!

FMR: How does it feel to be done with the new record?

Sure.. Recording an album is always a pleasure but you have lots of ups and downs during the sessions. One day you feel you can conquer the world and the day after you feel like you’re the deepest crap, hehe… It’s an exercise I love but it’s like being on tour. You are super happy when it starts and you’re super happy when it ends, hehe.. You give so much of yourself that sometimes you can lose your mind. It’s extreme.

FMR: Tell us a little bit about Sons of the System. How is it different from your previous record, Passenger?

On the songwriting level, Sons of the system is, for us, less complex than the other albums. Especially compared to Passenger and Mechanical Spin Phenomena. It’s more in your face maybe.. Certainly more spontaneous and diverse. But still heavy and catchy as fuck. On the production level it’s way warmer and organic. We wanted to stay away from the cliché Scandinavian cold mechanical sound. We wanted something wider with less distortion. One of the main goals was also to experiment as much as possible. Try new things. And that’s what we did with songs like “March of the tripods”.
But we still definitely sound Mnemic, hehe..

FMR: What was the writing process like for the album?

We started composing around October 2008. At this period we were not really sure of what direction we wanted to go musically. It’s only a few month after that we found the direction we wanted. Each of us has been composing stuff during a few months from October 2008 to January 2009. Once each other had enough material we just put everything on the table and picked up the best. Then through this “best” material, we just found a common direction for us to follow. We have been on the road so much for Passenger that we had to take a small break to recharge the batteries and grab back our inspiration. Then from January 2009, it took around 7 month to compose the album.

FMR: Has the band been celebrating the European release?

Yep! But unfortunately, it was impossible to be there for some personal reasons. We had a release party in Aalborg, hometown of Mnemic, and Aarhus, second biggest town of Denamark. A lot of people shew off, it was pretty damn good.. I was really pissed of not being able to be there…

FMR: Right now, you guys don't have many tour dates scheduled. Are you planning on doing a lot of touring to promote the new album?

We are intensively working on this with our new booking agents and management. We will tour as much as possible to promote the new album. we should also hit back the US sometimes this year.

FMR: How have you evolved musically and personally since joining Mnemic?

Musically I’m way freer than with my former band Scarve. I can express myself musically a 100% and also experiment a lot. That’s the most important point for me. Plus Mnemic is a touring band and It’s a real honor to be able to play all around the world. It’s a life experience. I’ve achieved several of my dreams while being in Mnemic. I will never regret the choice of joining the band!

FMR: Tell us a little bit about touring with Metallica.

It was a great pleasure and honor especially when you know that the first time we played with them in Aarhus (Denmark) it was on their demand! We were on tour with Deftones and we got a call from their production saying: are you guys up to open up for Metallica in Aarhus because they want you guys on this gig? Hahaha!! Of course we want! Then we threw a damn party on the bus! It was just unbelievable. We played stadiums in front of 65000 people! We shared the bills with Machine head, Rage against the machine, etc.. The Metallica guys frequently visited us. One day James wanted to ask us if we had on our setlist the song dreamstate emergency. He was not remembering the title of the song so he just started singing the riffs of the song… Then we realize that he really knew the band. I can tell you that hearing James Hetfield singing your songs is pretty sick! Every gigs we played together turned out great. These guys are really down to earth and nice. A damn experience! In the end! No black point…

FMR: Do you prefer to do shows in smaller venues, or do you like the atmosphere of the big European festivals?

I like both! When you do too many festivals of gigs such as the ones we did with Metallica in Europe, you start to miss the smaller gigs. And the other way around. You never know what to expect from the audiences. Whether they’re huge or small. Every gigs is a unique experience!

FMR: If you could tour with any band out there right now, who would it be?

Personally I would say Killswitch engage or Slipknot. I love these two bands and our crowds are pretty much the same. Plus they are great guys. The human factor is more than important when it’s about to play with or open up for a band or artist.

FMR: In 2010, what would you like to see accomplished for Mnemic?

A real worldwide establishment in the metal scene. We are now a bit famous everywhere but we still stand as an outsider. We would like to become a real headliner. But we still have a lot of work. But we still have the luck to tour all around the world and meet incredible crowds and cultures… We do this for pleasure and for the love of music. Even if don’t become the next Metallica, we are so far super proud of what we’ve achieved…

FMR: Thanks for your time on Full Metal Rock Guillaume. Any final thoughts, or shout-outs ... See you on the road.

Well I hope you guys out there will love our new shit and, as you said Tim, we hope to see you guys in the US as soon as possible!! Until there, Keep your heads banging to the god rock n’ roll!!




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