Little Green Men Interview

Little Green Men Interview

By ~MaggieUK @FullMetalRock

Little Green Men Are:

Kevin White: Lead vocals

Motown Robert: Bass/vocals

Ryan Young: Drums

Andrew Williams: Guitar/vocals

Band Bio:

Texas' premier progressive metal band LITTLE GREEN MEN is hot on the heels off its follow-up to T0TALITY and SUPERNOVA with their fifth, and arguably most impressive, release to date entitled "V". An aggressive yet palatable mix of metal grooves, melodic vocals and angry guitars, 'V' is a modern metal masterpiece. .... From bone-crushing rhythms to soaring leads, guitarist/vocalist Andrew Williams is nothing short of spectacular. Three words. TECHNICAL. MELODIC. TeRIFFic! .... Bass god/vocalist J. Motown Robert combines the funk of Les Claypool and the precision of Steve Harris to make the perfect bottom-end machine... Drummer Ryan Young's calculated fills, tight grooves and mind-bending poly-rhythms are simply unmatched .... The Voice of Little Green Men, Kevin White, brings a refreshing blend of modern aggression and old-school melody that is destined to redefine the shape of modern metal. .... In a sea of sound-a-likes and poseurs, Little Green Men are poised to be the face of the next generation of progressive metal. Witness for yourself.

V Track List:

1. Buried Alive
2. Wrong God
3. Aurora's Guitar
4. Hole in the Sky
5. Millennium
6. Good Times Roll
7. Not the Song
8. Tenkiller
9. No Intelligent Life
10. Hangin' On
11. The Devil Went Down to Texas

More Info On Little Green Men:

Little Green Men on Facebook:

Little Green Men on Twitter: @LGMarea51

To listen to their new album "V" and find out more

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