Live Photo Review
Photos by: Cindy and Jess
02.26.11 - Rock & Ritas, Las Vegas

Riley Macek - Lead Vocals
Casey Macek - Guitar, Vocals
Lloyd Stuart Casson - Bass
Justin Sandler - Drums


Holes and Hearts was cofounded by two young brothers, Riley who is now 13 and Casey who is 15. Holes and Hearts also features Lloyd Stuart Casson on Bass and Justin Sandler on Drums.

They are often asked about the name and how it came about… so here is the story from the beginning.

Riley was born with a large hole in his heart which was discovered at the age of 2 months and was taken for a life saving heart surgery immediately upon his diagnosis to temporarily repair the problem until he was old enough to have major surgery . At 10 months old the Doctors decided it was time to try and fix the hole which would require Open Heart Surgery. The Surgeons were not able to completely close the hole due to the size and location. Riley continues to see Cardiologists on a regular basis…

From these life experiences at an early age, Riley along with his older brother Casey, have seen the compassion and possibilities of people who want to help others when they are in need. They have been inspired and driven by family, friends and complete strangers who in Riley's words, "saved my life", and they know 1st hand, the reality of how fragile life really is.







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