Boomers Las Vegas, NV
Photos and Review By ~Cindy and ~Downshifter

With the Fog Machine set on Overkill, So was the Band Hemoptysis. Based out of Phoenix Arizona, Hemoptysis played a Full on Metal Assault. The band played an epic set, and we are proud to have been there to witness just how good these guys are. Sure their latest album Misanthropic Slaughter received a great review from our editor, but to see them execute live is ten fold. Epic!!!

Straight up awesome musicianship in all areas, Vocals, Guitars Rhythm, and Solos, Bass, and Drumming/Percussion. We were all very impressed on their raw talent and the tightness of their playing.

Full Metal Rock invited and brought out some of the best people "In the know" in the local talent pool (who can be found on our friendz page) to showcase and gain feedback on the ears of Full Metal Rock, and what we think is above average in the business. All of those who received an invite had nothing but positive comments to say about how good this band is. Even the locals who frequent the venue, had nothing but good things to say. This band needs more exposure and label support, as they are the real deal.

Unfortunately on this night we decided to use a brand new Camera, crappy lighting and mega fog would be suspect to our photos, but ~Cindy did her best as usual.

The most common feedback given of the night was "These Guys are Bad Ass"

Full Metal Rock Gives Hemoptysis Live 2 Thumbs Up

Set list was:

Misanthropic Slaughter
Impending Doom
The Cycle
Blood Storm
End Of Sorrow
Shadow Of Death

Earlier in the Day, Hemoptysis stopped by the Halls of Full Metal Rock to Sign and Ink their names permanently as we are honored to display them proudly (photos included in slide show)

Hemoptysis is:
Masaki Murashita – Vocals/guitar
Ryan Miller – Lead guitar
Sunao Arai – Bass
Travis Thune – Drums

More info on them at http://www.hemoptysismetal.com/2011/

If Hemoptysis is the future of American Metal, things are looking good.

~Downshifter Editor Full Metal Rock Dot Com






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