Halo Tora Interview And Album Launch Review

Halo Tora Interview And Album Launch Review

Interview, Review, and Live Photos By ~MaggieUk @FullMetalRock

Halo Tora Are:

Chris Alexander - Guitars/Vocals

Ian McCall - Guitars/Vocal

Mark Young - Bass

Chris McKeown - Drums

Ryan Connery - Keyboards

Halo Tora:



Twitter @HaloTora

Tucked away under a railway bridge in the heart of Glasgow,Scotland, the normal thunder of trains was completely drowned out by the music blasting out of a sold out album launch gig for Halo Tora’s “Omin\One”. Audio might be the sort of place you could walk past a hundred times and not notice,but not on September 4th, 2015, and not ever again! Tickets for this event sold out almost two months in advance; proof that this a band on the rise.

The support from Twin Heart, a three piece, female fronted grunge band from Kilmarnock, and Glaswegian alt/rock quintet, Servant Sun, took advantage of the energy from an already excited crowd and played out of their skins. By the time Halo Tora came on stage, the venue was charged with electricity, and the fans were dripping in sweat.

Sometimes referred to as atmospheric rock (but don’t let that fool you, these guys are hard core!), the style of music Halo Tora deliver is like none other. Starting with a dark stage, a single guitar pierced the air, and the crowd immediately recognized the opening instrumental Trans/Zero. For the two-minute duration, cheers and whistles spread across the room as the excitement built. In honor of their album release, the five musicians treated the crowd to a set list packed with songs from the album. In fact the first five songs were played in the order they appear on “Omni\One”. For fans that pre-ordered, the album was sent out a week prior to its release. The popularity of that was evident by the number of fans who already had they lyrics memorized, and held nothing back in support of the music.

From Permanent Revolution, with the mezmerizing dual vocals of Chris Alexander and Ian McCall, and the incredible bass line the Mark Young provided, to Chris McKeown’s incredible drum skills in Ruins, the range of sound and emotion Halo Tora delivered seemed limitless. Ryan Connery’s keyboards seemed to provide the magic that tied everything together.

The song Tonight, one of my personal favorites, was a highlight of the evening. Starting slowly and mournfully, one might mistake this for a love song. But, as with the album itself, dig deeper and you will find lyrics that convince you otherwise. And, as if to drive the point home, the song explodes into a heavy, climax that had everyone head banging.

Two new songs were introduced: one with the working title Spider, the other unnamed, which reinforced just how much more these guys have to give, and that they are just getting started. They played their hearts out, and the crowd loved every second of it. Finishing the set with Age of Terror was the perfect opportunity for Alexander to crowd surf, making a full lap before returning to the stage; the band was visibly moved by the response the crowd gave that night. Halo Tora, tore a hole in that stage with their energetic performance that never let up throughout the set. They are definitely a band to follow.

Set List:

Permanent Revolution
The Bones That Rock The Cradle
Spider (working title)
(unnamed song)
Under The Surface
Age of Terror

“Omni\One” is out now

Get It Here

Tickets on sale now Here

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