Guns N’ Roses

Appetite For Democracy
The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel
Las Vegas, NV
Review ~ Downshifter
Photos ~ Wayne Posner

5 out of 5 Stars Performance



Imagine a Sunday Night its after 11pm, most people are laying low, resting, and getting ready to face another week of the grind we call work. Not in Sin City the town that never sleeps. Filter just finished their killer set, and the stage is set. House music playing, crowd is pumped in anticipation, each time as the lights on the video screens go dim, the roar of the crowd swells. Some additional mechanical stage lights are lowered via remote control in unison, and there is some activity on the stage with small flash lights.

Boom! House lights go down, audience screams, and it is show time as Guns N’ Roses explodes into Chinese Democracy.

There were ramps on both sides of the stage, and they were utilized by most of the band. I was very impressed with Axl Rose and his utilization of the entire stage, and both of the ramps, he was running around and did not miss a beat, kind of reminded me of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Axl sounded very good vocally and better than I expected. The Huge video screens also added a killer visual element into the performance.

I enjoyed watching guitarist Bumblefoot, at times with a double neck guitar (the top neck fretless) he has such great tone, and I loved his playing on Estranged.

Also Dj Ashba who I have seen before with Sixx A.M, was all over the stage. He was very interactive with the crowd, also delivering awesome tone.

The band continued to rip through hit after hit, what bands play their biggest hit of all time as their second song? GNR did, and they just kept on bringing it, song after song, and even some cool deep tracks, and several covers.

Guitar solo? Oh there were several.

Piano Solo? Check.

Lost track after about 20 songs, and some of the crowd had thinned out in the back. If you plan on attending one of the last 3 shows I suggest you go for the floor, or get seats and find a way to get up to the front. Also: the pyro is awesome, it is like a sonic blast, and I even saw some people flinch several times. Throw in some sexy girl dancers, and cool video sequences on the jumbo screens and it all flowed together very well.

20 or so songs in, it is now 11/19, and some of the crowd in the back is seated, wtf?

Encore goes 5 or 6 songs, truly a great performance by all member of this band.

If you get a chance to see this show, GO!

Axl Kicked Ass!

Killer Production, and a great value for the ticket price.


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