By: Downshifter

Downshifter hits up Fellguard



FMR: Hey Guys What's up, Thank you for your time and for a little Q&A

FELLGUARD: No problem man, we're glad to do it!

FMR: Tell us about FELLGUARD, the Lineup? And what's in the name FELLGUARD?

FELLGUARD: Well the name is just something we came up with, we don't even remember how, we just thought it sounded cool. Our band is made up of Jake Parker - lead vox, guitar; Dillon Baker - lead guitar; & Matt Murrow - bass. We are actually auditioning
drummers right now, so if you know of anyone have them get in touch.

FMR: Sorry, Drummers are in Demand these days Bro, So how did you guys come together to form FELLGUARD?

FELLGUARD: Well, Jake and Dillon have been friends and neighbors all their lives, their dad's are actually good friends and
musicians. They started jamming together in middle school. After jamming for a few years they decided to form a band and with the edition of Matt, Fellguard was born. We have had a couple of drummers, but we are still looking for the right fit.

FMR: You guys are going through drummers like Spinal Tap, So what did you think of Namm? Pretty cool eh?

FELLGUARD: We dig NAMM! Jake and Dillon have been going to NAMM for years because their dad's both go every year. And the last couple of years Matt has gone too. We usually stay there from Wednesday through Sunday.

FMR: Your thoughts on current metal music, any bands you like?

FELLGUARD: Jake and Dillon have always liked Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, Dio, Megadeth, Stryper, Zeppelin, etc.. Matt likes The
Doors, Zeppelin, etc Right now we are listening to Firewind, Stratovarious, Pyramaze, Kamelot, Iced Earth, etc. We just like good, hard, quality metal music!

FMR: Cool Me too, So with the past London Led Zeppelin Reunion Gig, is there any band you would like to see reunite?

FELLGUARD: Good question, Spinal Tap?!

FMR: Nice, I hear they may reform, but they are looking for a drummer! How about your Dream Tour, it would consist of what 3

FELLGUARD: Our Dream Tour would consist of FELLGUARD, of course, Iron Maiden, and ..... maybe Kamelot.

FMR: If you could send up one cd/album on a mars rover to be placed on mars to represent Metal, What cd/album would you send?

FELLGUARD: Probably Iron Maiden/Number of the Beast

FMR: Good Choice, Were you in any bands before?

This is our first band for all of us. Our very first gig was playing at the City of Murrieta Battle of the Bands where
we won 1st Place. From there we just kind of took off, winning the award for "Best High School Band" at the Inland Empire Music Awards, we were also nominated for "Best Live Band".

FMR: What can we expect from FELLGUARD in 2nd Half of 2009?

FELLGUARD: We are hoping to play the Cloverstone Festival in Ireland this summer. We are working on recording a full length cd
and hoping to tour when it comes out.

FMR: You have had an opportunity to play live onstage with Oz Fox of Stryper, how cool was that? any others you wish you could
play with live?

FELLGUARD: It was definitely cool to play on stage with Oz, he's been giving us guitar lessons for about a year, and we've
learned a lot from him. We are hoping to play with him again in the future and it would be great to score some gigs with Kamelot, Opeth, Pyramaze, or any good metal bands.

FMR: Who is the one musician who has had the biggest influence on your playing style?

FELLGUARD: Wow, hard question, because there are so many great musicians who have influenced us. Probably Yngwie Malmsteen, and Bruce Dickinson, so many others..........

FMR: Where can we find out more about FELLGUARD?

FELLGUARD: Just go to fellguard.com or myspace.com/fellguard we will also be up on facebook soon!

FMR: Thanks So Much for your time, is there anything else you would like to plug or add for our readers? or any shout outs?

FELLGUARD: Just check us out on line and come to one of our future shows. Also contact us to buy a cd or shirt! Thanks again man...

FMR: Thanks Guyz, Keep it Metal!!

















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