Five Finger Death Punch 'Got Your Six' Album Review

Five Finger Death Punch 'Got Your Six' Album Review

By ~MaggieUk @FullMetalRock

The culmination of 10 years of explosive music, high energy performances and fistfuls of aggression, "Got Your Six", Five Finger Death Punch's sixth album, was released September 4, 2015 and immediately hit the UK top 10. This heavy metal band has been blowing crowds away with their combination of raw, melodic, thrash and groove elements and I was fortunate enough to see them at Download Festival 2015, an experience I will never forget! They have poured every ounce of energy from their live performances into this album, and they let us know it from the very first song! Not only is song after song a head-banger's dream, "Got Your Six" is their best catalogue of work to date.

Although the album begins melodically, this is sharply interrupted by Ivan Moody screaming "Charge!", and the mood is set. The title track is not just an instant hit. It is a song that you know straight away will be a fan favorite for years to come. "Well there's a million of us ready of us ready to throw down" could be exactly what FFDP fans may have been thinking in anticipation of this album. I love this song, and couldn't think of a better one to open the album with. It explodes with energy and there is no way you can listen to it sitting down. The chorus is absolutely contagious and I can already picture packed crowds chanting along "Hit the pit, blood on the bricks. Don't look back 'cause I got your six". The guitar solo is just long enough to let you catch your breath and is just a teaser to the guitar work to come. Jekyll and Hyde is completely catchy, both lyrically and rhythmically. Starting without an intro, "There's just so much God damn weight on my shoulders. All I'm trying to do is live my motherfucking life" spoken by Moody recorded from actual voicemails he has left for band members. Jason Hook (lead guitar) had the genius idea to copy it to a hard drive!. This is a song that everyone can relate to, and was an excellent choice for the first single. Whether it's your job that gets you down, or someone in your life. This is a song you can exorcise your demons to. FFDP have delivered another crowd pleaser, and I was hooked from the first line of the first verse. The bridge is a significant contrast to the rest of the song. "if I wasn't so deranged could I ever face the pain" combined with the dissonance of the guitars proves that this band knows how to write hit songs that will have their fans desperate to see them live. The hilarious video, complete with Minion pyjamas, Superman underwear, a chainsaw and more (as if you need more than that!) shows off the band's sense of humour and has had over 8 million views on YouTube.

Normally, I don't like to review albums song by song, and this album gives so much that it is difficult for me not to describe every part of every song. "Got Your Six" is jammed with killer guitar solos, driving bass lines and complicated drum rhythms. Moody's ability to go from the melodic to growls and screams, to spoken lyrics, sounds effortless; within songs as well as across the album. His vocals in the choruses of Wash It All Away and Ain't My Last Dance really showcase his talent, and Hook and Chris Kael (bass) provide brilliant harmonies. The pairing of Hook and Zoltan Bathory (rhythm guitar) is electric as ever and they provide a barrage of face melting riffs and intricate finger work. While Kael and Jason Spencer (drums) give us pounding rhythms that reach right into your central nervous system and make you move through every track.

No Sudden Movement is a faster tempo, intense song with one hell of a hook. "Click clack, reload. Click clack, unload" is one of many contagious lines found throughout this album. And although it has one of my favorite guitar solos, Question Everything has the guitar work that absolutely blew me away. The deluxe edition has three additional tracks: You're Not My Kind, This Is My War, and I Apologize. In my opinion, it would be a huge mistake to not go for this version. Not only are the songs the same caliber of the main album, they offer even more of the range, contrast and emotion to expand your FFDP experience.

"Got Your Six" has some of the best lyrics 5FDP have ever written, and they are worthy of the critical acclaim they have received. Boots and Blood, although the exception, with "fuck" making up about a third of the lyrics, will still resonate with teenagers and veteran rockers alike. Whether you are looking for an album to help you vent all your pent up aggression, boost the intensity of your work out at the gym, or to introduce you to a new level of mosh pit experience, this is a must have on repeat album. FFDP have surpassed everything they have previously released with a powerful album that affirms their position in the monsters of metal.

Full Metal Rock Gives 'Got Your Six' 2 Thumbs Up!

Five Finger Death Punch Are:

Zoltan Bathory - rhythm guitar
Jeremy Spencer - drums
Ivan Moody - lead vocals
Jason Hook - lead guitar, backing vocals
Chris Kael - bass, backing vocals

'Got Your Six' Track List

01 Got Your Six
02 Jekyll and Hyde
03 Wash It All Away
04 Ain't My Last Dance
05 My Nemesis
06 No Sudden Movement
07 Question Everything
08 Hell To Pay
09 Diggin' My Own Grave
10 Meet My Maker
11 Boots and Blood

Bonus tracks on Deluxe Edition:
12 You're Not My Kind
13 This Is My War
14 I Apologize

For More Information, including Ordering Album Bbundles And Gig Tickets:

Five Finger Death Punch/Papa Roach co-headlining tour:

6 Oct Lowell, MA
8 Oct Uncasville, CT
9 Oct Glens Falls, NY
10 Oct Chester, PA
2 Nov Helsinki, Finland
4 Nov Stockholm, Sweden
5 Nov Oslo, Norway
6 Nov Copenhagen, Denmark
8 Nov Hannover, Germany
9 Nov Leipzig, Germany
11 Nov Stuttgart, Germany
12 Nov Winterthur, Switzerland
13 Nov Frankfurt, Germany
15 Nov Strasbourg, France
17 Nov Amsterdam, Netherlands
19 Nov Munich, Germany
20 Nov Prague, Czech Republic
21 Nov Vienna, Austria
22 Nov Milan, Italy
24 Nov Paris, France
25 Nov Düsseldorf, Germany
26 Nov Brussels, Belgium
28 Nov London, U.K.

Five Finger Death Punch will also be on ShipRocked 2016

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