Drive A
Review By ~ Downshifter n Jess
Supporting - The Almost And The Used

It was great to finally get to see this Los Angeles Based band that I have heard so much about, and they delivered a high energy set. They were well received in Las Vegas and got the crowd pumped for the night. It is good to see a band that is not cookie cutter rock, and Drive A is one to keep your eyes and ears on. Bringing the punk in punk rock.

They played the following set list:

Loss of Desire
Everyone’s Alone
Head Underwater
It’s Getting Worse
Out of Focus
The Hell With Motivation
Can’t Sleep It Off
Are You Blind

We met up with them after their set and they were very cool to speak with. Guitarist Jason Nott took the time to hand write us a full set list and pose for a photo op. We encourage you to go check them out on this tour and see for yourself.

Checkout Drive A on their myspace

Catch them on Tour with The Used and The Almost - Tour Dates here


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