Live Show Review
The Brixton, Redondo Beach, CA - March 19th
Review by: ~ Mo

Remember the 2006 rock-realty show Rockstar: Supernova? I watched it faithfully and my favorite artist was Dilana, runner up to winner Lukas Rossi. Compared to Janis Joplin, Dilana has a raspy/gravely, amazing voice. This woman kicks ass - many know her, but unfortunately many still do not! Dilana is destined for super stardom. I caught her show at the awesome Redondo Beach, California venue The Brixton on March 19th.

I was excited to finally see Dilana in-person and was pleasantly surprised by the opener VK Lynne - A beautiful, blues rocker with a set of pipes all her own. VK Lynne's 10-track WHISKEY AND WATER released in 2009 is terrific! I had a chance to chat with VK after her set. She is not only a lovely talented young lady, but is very genuine, and extremely down to earth - it was a joy meeting her. I've been listening to her CD non-stop since I saw her - can't get enough of it. All the original tunes on WHISKEY AND WATER are catchy - today's favorite is DUST BETWEEN THE DIRT. The title track is a bluesy number and a beautiful song indeed. SALVATION IN THE SKIES will be a new Christmas favorite at my house. VK Lynne's set at The Brixton was fantastic!

You can find out more about VK Lynne by visiting her on Facebook, on Myspace at www.myspace.com/vklynne, or her official website at http://www.vklynne.com/

When Dilana hits the stage with her colorful dreadlocks and hard rock energy, the crowd goes crazy for her. This is not unusual, as Dilana has quite the following, with very devoted fans! Dilana has a presence that is natural, sensual, enchanting and beguiling - let's face it - she's got IT! Dilana's interaction with the crowd is amazing, and I adore her sense of humor. A guy standing next to me kept screaming....I LOVE YOU DILAAAAANNNAAAA! After about the 50th time, she had him come forward by saying "who said that...I need to see you". Classic!

During her set, Dilana told us about a feature film called ANGEL CAMOUFLAGED that she will be starring in. At one point, she brought Director Michael Givens to the stage and introduced him to the crowd. The film will feature several original tracks and Dilana is currently penning two more for the film.

Performing all originals with a few of the RSSN musicians, some highlights at this show were HOLIDAY and the monster ballad ICE! But the show-stopper was an ass-kicking, in your face rendition of WHOLE LOTTA LOVE. Dilana can give Robert Plant a run for his money - sorry Zep fans.

Dilana's current record INSIDE OUT, recorded in Los Angeles, features No Doubt drummer Adrian Young and Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars. It's a great hard rock record by a true female rocker!

A Dilana show is a must see. The voice that comes out of that petite little frame will melt your face off - I say bring it!

Visit Dilana on Facebook, on myspace at www.myspace.com/dilanarox or her official website at www.dilana-robichaux.com



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