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Interview by: ~ Downshifter

FMR: Opus, Welcome to Full Metal Rock.

No, no no, welcome to the world of Opus & DEAD BY WED. & HUGE THANK YOU for having me!

FMR: I appreciate your time, I know you are quite busy at the moment, So how's it going?

It's going fantastic! It feels good to be alive. I love my job & very blessed that we can do this for a living especially during these tough economic times.

FMR: How did you get the name Opus?

WOW! This is a long & personal story so I'll try to give y'all the short version. Originally, it started out as kind of an insult. Back in my very first band & at age 13, we all had a job to do & it was to come in the next day to rehearsal w/ a list of your favorite potential band names. I came in & had 'Opus' first on my list. At the time, there was a cartoon called Bloom County that had 'Bill & Opus', Opus was a chubby penguin in the cartoon. Well, I was always a chubby kid, not really popular with the ladies until high school & so my band mates said on the spot, 'Your Opus' & then preceded to call me Opus, never less, they hated the name for the band. Come to find out, there was a band in the 70's named Opus already that was semi popular & had hits! In the end, it actually worked out to my advantage because the name stuck & also stuck in people's heads being a one word weird catchy name like 'Prince' or 'Ozzy', etc. so it was easy to remember. Later, I found out that it was actually a musical term too & i was also able to have a stage name for the band & then use my real name when doing business. So ha ha on them....

FMR: Tell us a little about your band and the Story Behind The name Dead By Wednesday?

Well, it's funny, everyone thinks there's so crazy political meaning behind it or message but in reality the name came from when I was touring with my previous band G-Soul (Gargantua Soul) & things were already kind of coming to an end with them, we were in San Juan, Puerto Rico playing some shows & it was like Mon. night & we had to play Tues. night & then fly back on Wed. for more shows. We ended up in a bar all night because they don't close & we didn't know this so come morning time when we stumbled out to the sun light, my old bassist turns to me & says 'If we keep going like this, we are going to be...Dead By Wednesday!" It just stuck in my head & at the time, I was trying to think of something original & different that still screams metal for my new metal side project, at the time which ended up my main gig in the end, but cold mean anything. I then put that phrase 'Dead By Wed' on a list again of possible ban names that I liked & handed them out to a bunch of peeps I trusted & like 8 out of 10 people all liked & picked Dead By Wednesday. Now, all these other different bands are out that touch close to home, for example "Dead By Sunrise", I mean come on Chester, are you telling me you or no one at your label did a band name google search?? Give me a break!!! I guess you guys just didn't care that there was an indie band touring & putting out legit CD's since 2005. LOL...

FMR: How would you define your music?

Our music is basically a huge middle finger to the music industry because although when it comes down to putting it on the shelf it is considered METAL, it has influences of old school punk, real Hardcore, a little jazz, a little hip-hop, & even just straight up rock. Some people would classify our music as a style that was once called 'Cross-over' but really it's just a heavy fuckin' metal band & we are proud of it!

FMR: Who are your musical influences or mentors?

We have a wide variety of music influences & mentors because all the guys in the band come from different back grounds but we all appreciate & like each others music sty-lings, as well as a lot of the same stuff. To name some I would have to say...Sepultura, Pantera, Black Sabbath, Classic Metallica, Slayer, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Dead Kennedy's, Minor Threat, DRI, VOD, SOD, Plazmatics, ICP, Lamb of God, Freestyle Fellowship, Shape Shifters, MJ, NWA, PE, Bio-Hazard, S.O.A.D., Suicidal T, RATM, The Police, & Slipknot. Is that enough for now?? haha...I know it's a whacky mix but hey, influence, creativity, & everything comes from inspiration pulled from all different stuff for us.

FMR: You have ties to Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, what's the connection?

Simple. We live & come from the same state, CT. It's a small state with a tight music scene & market so when you shake things up & do something real leaving a mark, people take notice. We are comrades in the scene here & when I was up, I looked out for him & promoted Hatebreed & when he is up, he did the same for me. Jasta actually put out our very first debut CD "Democracy is Dead" out of the box on Stillborn Records in 2005 for DEAD BY WEDNESDAY which really helped establishing our band as a brand name & stamp on us as well as get everyone to realize that we were real. He is a great dude who cares about music for real as well as all his friends, family & fans around him & he looks out for everyone he can when he can & has been working hard since a young age & lives his dream like myself.

FMR: Is there anything you hope your listeners/fans get out of your music?

Yes, the ability to question things around you. Don't just be a 'Pawn' in the system. Question authority, religion, your government, etc. & have a mind of your own. Think for yourself! Believe in what's in your heart & don't let anyone tell you what to do. Live your life everyday like it's your last. Respect your family & friends & maybe open your eyes to new things & different ideas that might go against the grain. Basically, 'Don't believe the hype!'

FMR: Being a drummer, any crazy stories of pissing off the neighbors practicing?

Absolutely, when I was a kid my parents wouldn't let me play the drums so I took it upon myself to save up money from my paper route & buy this piece of shit drum kit at a street tag sale for $30, when I finally got my hands on a drum set, I didn't care when it was...morning before school, late at night, after school, whenever...I would beat the crap out of the set day in & day out until I taught myself how to play & the entire neighborhood has calling the cops every other day, in the end I won & they all still talk about it to this day & come to my shows now too!

FMR: Record Companies: Like em or Spike em?

I like indie labels that actually care about their artists & develop them (which hardly ever happens anymore) because most just chew you up & spit you out. The music industry pretty much sucks right now & we are very lucky to even have a decent honest label, (Eclipse Records, Chris Poland), that helps & promotes us at this time.

FMR: What song is your personal favorite to perform live and why?

I really like playing "Declaration Of Inhumanity" which is more of a slower anthem type song but it's different & has off time signatures & a 'Police-Esq' vibe which makes it harder to play, (esp for the drums), which challenges us all which we like.

FMR: You currently have one of your songs "Pawns" that has been played on Headbangers Ball, What was the Video shoot process like?

Actually, it was not only just on MTV2's HBB but it made it onto Music Choice & Havok TV on demand, as well as Myspace Metal & a plethora of viral sites in rotation on Sirius Satellite's 'Liquid Metal'. The video shoot process was pretty intense actually. It was a 12 hour shoot, (which 6 of it was just set up), of playing the song over & over & over again in the middle of the summer with a room full of people & no A/C with all of us going completely crazy 100% every take. It was the sweatiest most draining shoot of my life but it was well worth it. Grammy nominated David Brodsky of My Good Eye, NYC. did a fanominal job! He also shot the likes of God Forbid, Suffocation, Kittie, Hatebreed, & way more.

FMR: What is the Song Pawns about?

The song 'Pawns' is a protest song. It's pretty self-explanatory. The chorus is a gang chant saying "We are not your Pawns!" It's meaning is simple, don't just follow the leader, once again stand on your own two feet & stand for something. Don't be sheep..Think for yourself...Live your life how you see fit not how you are told.

FMR: Any Chance of a Vegas Show?

We would love to, my guitarist Ross real loves playing in Vegas & has some friends out there so we've been looking into it for sure. We'll see...We've played there before but only once.

FMR: Who is the joker of the group, and do tell about a recent victim.

Definitely Joey, (one of the singers), he's always goofing off, (in fact, probably too much!) but it's funny & it's great to have a personable happy fun loving front guy who everyone likes & it keeps things light hearted so everyone knows that we are not always such a serious band since a lot of our subject matter is pretty serious most of the time. The last victim was our guitarist Ross & there's actually pictures of it on our myspace to prove it! LOL...Check them out here:

FMR: Describe for me a little of the creative process in writing your songs. Do you guys start with a riff, A Melody, or a Pen?

We usually start with someone coming in with either a riff or a song structure & we play it & morph it into a DBW song. Then usually, the singers will free style over the music trying to get a feel or see what kind of melodies shine through the music & then once that happens, they solidify the words in the end to have them fit & work with the song.

FMR: So What can we expect from Dead By Wednesday in 2010?

They band is working hard writing all new material for our 3rd & most important junior full length CD. We're currently back in the studio starting on basic tracks @ East Lake Recording Studios w/ our long time friend & producer Enoch Jensen who did our last CD 'The Killing Project' as well as the likes of Acacia Strain, Boy Sets Fire, & more. We feel confident that these songs are very strong & we are planning on making our 'master of puppets'. We are currently still touring all the time in support of our current CD & will be actually going out again on our first bus run called 'The Make it or Break cross country tour 2010 heading out March 18th - April 3rd. Dates are all on our web site. Our song 'Pawns' will also be featured as down-loadable content on "Rock Band" the video game as well as on UFC!

FMR: Where can people go to find out more Dead By Wednesday?

You can find anything you need at our mother site: - there you can find links to any of your favorite networking sites like You Tube, Myspace, Face book, Sonic-Bids, Twitter as well as our label, street team, our merchandise, etc. Or...if you just google the band name DEAD BY WEDNESDAY, a lot comes up!

FMR: Thanks So Much for your time, is there anything else you would like to plug or add or any shout outs?

Yeah, I'd like to tell people that we do this because we love what we do. If you dig it then great, if you don't, that's cool too! We hope that our love for our music shows on our recordings & in our live shows when we try to always give everyone our all. We are not trying to force feed anything to anyone. This is our life, if you want to be a part of it then we welcome you all. Thank you for your interest in DBW & for all your love & continued support to the people who have been with us from the beginning! Shout out's to all of our family, friends & fans!





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