Interview with Conflagration


FMR: Phelan of Conflagration, Welcome to Full Metal Rock!

Conflagration: Hey there thanks for having us! Nice website you guys have going on here.

FMR: Cool…I appreciate your time; I know you guys are quite busy at the moment, so how’s it going man?

Conflagration: Things are going pretty well lately. People have been really hyped for the EP and for the shows we have planned in the next couple of months. And things have just been very good for us as a band.

FMR: After hearing your EP, I understand all the hype-Its badass!...So tell us a little about your band and the Story Behind The name Conflagration?

Conflagration: Well Conflagration means a huge destructive fire. Most people think we got the name from that Trivium song but really it just sounded cool and we started off as a thrash band so it kind of worked for that cheesy thrash sound.

FMR: Who is in your band? And what do they do?

Conflagration: There is Kris our Vocalist, Phelan (that's me) I play guitar and do some vocals live, Phil is our bassist and Mikey is our drummer.

FMR: How would you define your music?

Conflagration: Well a mix between old school black metal like Mayhem and Gorgoroth and New School death metal like The Black Dahlia Murder and Rose Funeral. In short a huge punch in the face!

FMR: Who are your musical influences or mentors?

Conflagration: As a band we all have very different influences. Our drummer loves bands like Iwrestledabearonce and suicide silence, Kris likes bands like TBDM, Rosefuneral and bands similar to that, Phil loves Melodic anything (Death Metal, Thrash) like At the Gates and In flames older in flames), and I listen to pretty much a mix of all that plus "True" Black Metal like Mayhem, Gorgoroth, 1349 and Darkthrone.

FMR: Drop some names of the gear you are currently using, and gear you would like to be using

Conflagration: Zildian Cymbals, Line 6 amplification, ESP guitars, Shecter Basses, Dunlop Strings, Ernie Ball bass strings (I believe) and sans amp. I think we are pretty content with the gear we have at the moment but if someone were to roll around with a sweet Mesa Dual Rect or an SVT 4 bass head I think we would be all over it.

FMR: Your thoughts on the Norway Scene, what it once was, and what it has become

Conflagration: Ha ha, Black Metal has got kind of dumb lately, like the bands that used to make great music are kind of lacking now but still are doing pretty well. The last Mayhem album wasn’t that great but its mayhem so it's amazing.

FMR: Is there anything you hope your listeners/fans get out of your music?

Conflagration: I just hope People think it's amazing ha ha. But if our music helps a fan like mentally or something like that like all of our influences have then that would be great.

FMR: How’s the New Hampshire Metal Scene? Lots of death metal?

Conflagration: New Hampshire doesn’t really have too much death metal BUT New England has some great death metal bands like The Summoned and Conforza I believe Vital Remains is from MA too and they are just great.

FMR: What would you be embarrassed about for me to find, if I stole your ipod?

Conflagration: I wouldn’t be embarrassed but some odd stuff you would find is some Rick Astley, Run DMC, and Lady Gaga!

FMR: If you were to write a song about the end of the world or 2012, what would it be?

Conflagration: It would probably be called The End Is Neigh because of the show Super Jail... Great show.

FMR: If you were to write a song about the world we live in now, what would the title be?

Conflagration: The title would be called Is This A Joke? or it would be Ha Ha

FMR: To me, living in a place where there is shitty weather, dark skies, rain and gloom... this is where some of the best fuckin music comes from, your thoughts?

Conflagration: I agree 100 percent man! We live in New England probably one of the darkest most brutal places in the US. I mean we don’t get many disasters or anything like that but it rains like FOREVER here.

FMR: Your Favorite movie that relates to death metal?

Conflagration: Evil Dead ha ha. Though the Saw movies are pretty brutal.

FMR: What song is your personal favorite to perform live and why?

Conflagration: Personally I have a lot of fun playing "This Love Perpetual" because it has a great feel and the mid section "Break down" if you must is really fun to play and pumps people up.

FMR: Describe for me a little of the creative process in writing your songs. Do you guys start with a riff, A Melody, or a Pen?

Conflagration: I write all the guitar stuff first then we put it together at practice, or, our bassist may have an idea to add on to what I have. It's a very easy process.

FMR: So what can we expect from Conflagration in the future?

Conflagration: Great things! We are going on tour this summer around New England and when we have the money we are going to expand. Also we plan on putting out a full length with most of the songs from the EP on it like next year maybe.

FMR: Where can people go to find out more Conflagration?

Conflagration: that's about it at the moment.

FMR: Thanks So Much for your time, is there anything else you would like to plug or add or any shout outs?

Conflagration: Well I would like to say thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us. Also I would like to shout out to all of our friends in the bands that are around the area and our families of course!






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