Clive Aid
The Hive, Edinburgh
24th October 2009
Review by ~ Jenna

The most recent Clive Aid event took place in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh at a small club called The Hive. It featured four awesome bands on the bill - Engines Of Vengeance, Junior Priest, Firebrand Super Rock and headliners Maiden Scotland who performed under the alias "Irn Madein".

First up was Engines Of Vengeance and I thought they sounded very good. Singer Mercy Breheny has a very powerful voice which soared loud and clear over the rest of the band. Their cover of rare Maiden gem Sun & Steel went down very well with the crowd but did sound a little odd with just one guitarist. Next up was Junior Priest which incase you haven't guessed it, is a tribute to Judas Priest. Admittedly I'm not the world's biggest Priest fan so I didn't know most of the setlist, but I really enjoyed it. Singer Murray Graham was full of energy, leaping off the stage into the crowd, bringing Rob Halford's trademark screams up close and personal to various members of the audience. Very impressive band and would definitely check them out again. The last band before the Maiden Scotland's triumphant headline set was Firebrand Super Rock. I'd seen this band supporting Maiden Scotland a few times and was always very impressed with vocalist Laura Donnelly's range and power but something seemed to be lacking in their set this time. Even their cover of Where Eagles Dare didn't really do much for me. The band and crowd seemed to enjoy themselves nonetheless.

The auction and raffle was held next with many awesome prizes being given away including a Somewhere Back In Time football shirt signed by all six members of Maiden, signed Bruce Dickinson Accident Of Birth cd, a signed Derek Riggs Run For Cover book and signed Eddie prints, Maiden tour shirts and all manner of things rock and metal. Lots of money was raised for a very worth cause and the grand total came to over £3,000!!

Finally it was time for the main event and the oh so familiar strains of Doctor, Doctor blare out over the PA. Since this event was heavily promoted within the Iron Maiden fan club, this song had the desired effect of getting the crowd very excited as most casual fans wouldn't get the significance of this song. From that into the Blade Runner intro - close your eyes and you'd swear you were "somewhere on tour" and it was 1986. The crowd were singing along to the Caught Somewhere In Time intro very loudly as the band thundered on and into one of my all time favorite Maiden songs. I knew there would be a few surprises in this set and one came very early on in the form of Strange World. That was the first Maiden song I absolutely fell in love with and thought it was done brilliantly, with special praise going to singer Martin Jakubski who I thought sounded exceptional.

From a strange world to a brave new one which had the crowd jumping to the rafters. Only The Good Die Young made a surprise return to their set as did Still Life. Back up to the more modern day Maiden with another new addition to the set, Rainmaker, which had the very Death On the Road style rain falling intro tape. Instrumental Losfer Words made a welcome return going straight into Flash Of The Blade was another nice surprise - the guys do a superb version of that. I think the most highly anticipated song of the night was Greek epic Alexander The Great. Sadly not a song that they can play too often as it's only the die hard's who know it, but this evening it was all die hard's and everyone was singing along with their horns in the air. A tough song to pull off and the guys absolutely nailed it!! Clive Aid organizer John Miles made an appearance onstage as Eddie for a rousing rendition of Iron Maiden.

Three encores came next in the shape of personal favorite Sanctuary, Hallowed Be Thy Name and Run To The Hills followed with the crowd drowning out the band at times. In true Maiden fashion, Monty Python's Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life played out with the crowd all dancing and singing with their arms around each other, which has always happened at any Maiden gig I've attended much to my amusement. All in all, it was a fantastic night and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. A great time was had by all and lots of money was made for a brilliant cause.


Caught Somewhere In Time
Two Minutes To Midnight
Wasted Years
Strange World
Brave New World
The Number Of The Beast
Only The Good Die Young
Die With Your Boots On
Still Life
22 Acacia Avenue
Losfer Words
Flash Of The Blade
The Trooper
Alexander The Great
Fear Of The Dark
Iron Maiden
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Run To The Hills




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