Breaking Benjamin
Interview by: ~ Rana Kelly

Rana: This is Rana from Full Metal Rock. I'm with Aaron from Breaking Benjamin. Hey Aaron, how's tricks?

Aaron: Howdy, how are ya?

Rana: Good. Now, you guys are a pretty big deal. Has that turned you into assholes?

Aaron: I don't know, depends on who you ask (laughs). Maybe after a couple shots of whiskey.

Rana: Everybody's an asshole after that.

Aaron: Yeah, get that Wild Turkey in ya.

Rana: Yes, Do you throw your platinum records on the floor and roll around on them naked-because, I would.

Aaron: (laughs) No, but I might now. It's crossed my mind. (laughs)

Rana: So, your new album Dear Agony has only been out about six months now and it's already gone gold, right?

Aaron: Mm hmm.

Rana: Yay!

Aaron: Yeah, I'll roll around on that when I get it. (laughs).

Rana: Yes! So, the cover of that is a CAT scan of Ben's brain, right?

Aaron: That's right.

Rana: Is his frontal lobe okay? Is he like a psychopathic serial killer?

Aaron: I think his frontal lobe is intact, yes.

Rana: Oh, good.

Aaron: He's not been lobotomized.

Rana: (laughs) not yet. So have you heard the rumors about him dying of lung cancer? Online, there are all these rumors about him dying and there are a lot of little girls crying themselves to sleep at night, I'm sure.

Aaron: Wow. You must be doing some research.

Rana: Yeah, I just happened to come across it and I was like, ´wow.µ

Aaron: Yeah, not true.

Rana: I assumed not (laughs). ´I Will Not Bowµ was your first single.

Aaron: Yep.

Rana: Wasn't it leaked before the official release?

Aaron: I don't know. I don't pay too much attention to that kind of stuff.

Rana: Yeah?

Aaron: Maybe it was. That might sound familiar. It's hard now, being the digital age, it's almost impossible for that not to happen.

Rana: Yeah.

Aaron: Thankfully, you know, we sell records.

Rana: So that didn't piss you off; it's good that people cared enough to steal from you.

Aaron: (laughs)

Rana: You guys are finishing up with a tour with Chevelle this month.

Aaron: Yeah, we're out with Chevelle right now, playing tonight in upstate New York. It's like a little two week run. I don't think we ever did a full on tour with them before, but we've done lots and lots of shows with them. They're a great band and obviously we have a similar fan base.

Rana: Yeah, yeah. Next, now, you're opening up for Nickelback?

Aaron: Right.

Rana: Are you kidding me?

Aaron: (laughs).

Rana: What the hell kind of backwards, surreal universe have you exiled me to?

Aaron: Ha ha, I go where they tell me to. Whatever direction they point me, I go.

Rana: Is it Canada's fault? I mean, you can tell me.

Aaron: Canada? Oh, blame Canada? Gotcha.

Rana: (laughs). So, what's next after that?

Aaron: Uh, we don't know yet. I think we're going to take a month off somewhere around there, you know. Let people take care of their personal lives, you know. Maybe see what's going on late summer, early fall.

Rana: You actually have personal lives?

Aaron: We do. We actually do. We're actually like parents and stuff.

Rana: Whoa. I thought that was illegal for rock stars.

Aaron: Yes.

Rana: Okay, when are you guys going to start writing for the next release?

Aaron: Probably not for a while, you know. We just started touring on this record. We waited till December, so we're just kind of getting warmed up. You know everyone kind of writes on their own. The band thing doesn't happen for a while. But, when it does happen, we'll leak it. We'll send you a copy.

Rana: (laughs) well, good. I'm good with that. Well, thank you, Aaron. This was fun. I'll let you go be important.

Aaron: Sure! It was fun. I wish they were all this fun.

Rana: (laughs). Well, thank you.

Aaron: Some of them are a little stiff, you know.

Rana: Yeah? Ha ha. Well, take care.

Aaron: Bye, Rana.


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