Biters Electric Blood Album Review

Biters Electric Blood Album Review

By ~MaggieUk @FullMetalRock

Break out the booze and let the ladies loose, Biters is coming to the UK!! Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the hell-raising foursome, Tuk Smith (vocals/guitar), Matt Gabs (guitar/vocals), Philip Kross (bass/vocals) and Joey O'Brien (drums/percussion) have been on a mission to bring style, substance and authenticity to Rock 'n Roll. While their hedonistic reputation has gained notoriety, so has their seriousness for their music and style. Biters have toured the U.S. relentlessly, doing more than stirring the dying embers of a fire. With one EP after another, they have squirted lighter fluid, sprayed hairspray and poured pure grain alcohol on it! The result is a massive bonfire in the form of "Electric Blood", their debut album out August 7, 2015 via Earache Records.

This is an album that brings the fun and excitement of 70's era influences into a current and relevant sound. Produced by Dan Dixon, with the use of vintage amps and the omission of computerized samples and vocal tuning, "Electric Blood" has successfully brought the old school sound into the modern age. The title track, which refers to electric blood as a fire in your veins, strongly expresses Biters' passion for spreading that "free energy" around the world. This is music to drink and dance 'til dawn to.

‘Restless Hearts', was the ideal choice as the first single. It represents the band perfectly, and combined with the brilliant video directed by long time director Video Rahim, the world is introduced to Biters at their best; living life to excess and totally immersing themselves in the music. It's the song that makes you think, "I need to see these guys live". While this song expresses the wild side of the band, there is an underlying theme throughout the album of a more serious nature, dealing with the lack of authenticity in the music industry today, and the affect it is having on the current generation.

‘Low Lives in Hi Definition', my personal favorite, summarizes what could be described as the band's mission statement, of the value of authenticity in a disposable age.

"I would've sold my kiss records and bought a machine if I wanted to hear a robot sing. So kill the shepherds and release the sheep..."

This song has the gritty edge and passion that makes me sit up and take notice. Combined with a message of rebellion against consumerism and the force feeding of manufactured music for the masses, it shows that there is far more to Biters than their smoldering good looks and their love for partying. Further proof of that is ‘The Kids Ain't Alright', my second favorite. Starting with a melancholic, almost mournful vocal, it then picks up tempo to a more matter-of-fact stance view of the youth of today, and then ends with subdued keyboards.

"All the wasted youth, watch the vultures feed, They chew on your bones while you stare at your phone, But you're too blind to see..."

Overall, "Electric Blood", with its catchy lyrics, melodic vintage rock sound and palpable passion, is an excellent debut album, and it has me very excited to see Biters on their UK tour. Their signing with Earache Records has proved to be an excellent partnership and I expect it to propel them globally.

We Give Biters Electric Blood 2 Thumbs Up!

Electic Blood Track Listing

1. Restless Hearts
2. 1975
3. Heart Fulla Rock n Roll
4. Dreams Don't Die
5. Electric Blood
6. The Kids Ain't Alright
7. Low Lives in Hi Definition
8. Time To Bleed
9. Loose from the Noose
10. Space Age Wasteland

Available for general sale on August 7, 2015

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Biters are:

Tuk - vocals/guitar
Matt - guitar/vocals
Philip - bass/vocals
Joey - drums/percussion

For More Info:
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Warriors Worldwide Tour

Fri. 25 Sept. London Jubilee Club
Sat. 26 Sept. Nottingham Rock City
Sun. 27 Sept. Southampton Joiners
Mon. 28 Sept. Bristol Thekla
Tue. 29 Sept. Norwich The Waterfront
Fri. 2 Oct. Leeds Key Club
Sat. 3 Oct. Glasgow Stereo
Mon 5 Oct. Newcastle Think Tank
Tue. 6 Oct. London Borderline
Wed. 7 Oct. Wolverhampton Slade Rooms
Thur. 8 Oct. Manchester Ruby Lounge
Fri. 9 Oct. Sheffield Corporation

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