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Bullet For My Valentine with special guests We Came As Romans & Bad Omens

The Fillmore, Detroit, MI - 10/07/18

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Bullet For My Valentine are currently in the midst of a Fall US tour in support of their latest release ‘Gravity’ and they brought some heavy-hitting noteworthy supporting acts along with their heavy metal riffs. Fans lined up around the building hours in advance and when doors finally opened, they slowly filed in to claim their spot on the floor, grab some merch and/or grab a drink. By 7:20pm, the venue was near capacity and as the lights went down, the crowd erupted for what was sure to be a great night of music ahead.

First up on the bill was LA metalcore act, Bad Omens. Although they had released their self-titled debut on Sumerian Records in 2016, I personally was not familiar with these guys. However, not long into their set I was pleasantly surprised. They delivered a high energy performance that grabbed the crowd’s attention right away. Vocalist, Noah Sebastian worked the stage like a pro hopping from riser to riser. Their performance of "Exit Wounds" and "Careful What You Wish For" were memorable for me and likely helped nab them a few more new fans by the time they left the stage.

Emotions ran high leading up to and during We Came As Roman's solid 40-minute set. This marked the bands first hometown show since the tragic loss of bandmate Kyle Pavone this past August. A banner lay draped over a table stage left that read "Kyle Pavone, 1990-2018" and members Dave Stephens, Lou Cotton and Andy Glass wore “Promise Me” shirts which echo the lyric of a song that was one of Pavone’s last tweets.

There was an unbelievable energy in the room during their set. A majority of the songs WCAR performed came from the bands latest release Cold Like War but it was perhaps the fan participation in the classics "Fade Away" and "Hope" from Tracing Back Roots that brought me chills.

Vocalist Dave Stephens added before the shows closer "Cold Like War", "This was his (Kyle's) dream. Being on this stage was his favorite place to be -- but not just any stage, THIS stage in Detroit, Mi... We knew this was gonna be an emotional one. Thank you guys for riding it out with us."

Stephens also informed the crowd they would be back to The Fillmore on Oct 28th to play a benefit concert in honor of Kyle which would feature "a whole bunch of guest vocalists, guest musicians, tons of DJs". Stephens continued, "It's just gonna be a big party celebrating all the awesome things Kyle did in his life." You can visit or for more information regarding that show.

During the second intermission, the crew cleared out WCAR’s gear and soon the headliners backdrop was unveiled. Giant angel wings (as can be seen on the cover of ‘Gravity’) and “Bullet For My Valentine” text across the top.

The lights dimmed, and a blue spotlight shined on the drum kit center stage. BFMV drummer Jason Bowld positioned himself behind the kit and with sticks in hand, raised both arms up to get the crowd fired up. Matt Tuck, Michael Paget and Jamie Mathias take their positions and the audience roared as the first chords were struck.

BFMV delivered a powerful performance and the camaraderie was clear for all to see. From “Don’t Need You” to “Your Betrayal” (one of my personal favorites) to the thrash metal inspired “Waking the Demon,” the crowd’s energy never wavered throughout BFMV’s tight knit set. Even during Bowld’s skillful drum solo, the diehards on the rail could be spotted rocking out and crowd surfers making head way towards the stage.

There are only a handful of US dates left before BFMV head back to Europe at the end of this month so if you’re unable to catch them this time around, you’ll definitely want to check out Bullet For My Valentine the next time they come back around to your area.


Don't Need You
Over It
Your Betrayal
4 Words (To Choke Upon)
Letting You Go
The Last Fight
Not Dead Yet
Drum Solo
Scream Aim Fire
You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)
Piece of Me

No Way Out
Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do)
Tears Don't Fall

Waking the Demon

BFMV are:

Matthew "Matt" Tuck [lead vocals, rhythm/lead guitar]
Michael "Padge" Paget [lead guitar, backing vocals]
Jamie Mathias [bass guitar, vocals]
Jason Bowld [drums]


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Vultures With Clipped Wings
Wasted Age
Fade Away
Lost in the Moment
To Plant A Seed
Foreign Fire
Tracing Back Roots
Cold Like War

WCAR are:

Joshua Moore [lead guitar, backing vocals]
Dave Stephens [vocals]
Lou Cotton [rhythm guitar]
Andy Glass [bass, backing vocals]
David Puckett [drums]

For More Info On WE CAME AS ROMANS and the Kyle Pavone Foundation, Go to:

Twitter @WeCameAsRomans

Twitter @FullMetalRock

Twitter @6of6photography

Instagram @fullmetalrock

Instagram @6of6photo_pit

BAD OMENS setlist:

Exit Wounds
Reprise (The Sound of the End)
The Worst in Me
Careful What You Wish For
Glass Houses


Noah Sebastian [vocals]
Nicholas Ruffilo [rhythm guitar]
Joakim "Jolly" Karlsson [lead guitar]
Nick Folio [drums]

For More Info On BAD OMENS, Go to:

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Instagram @6of6photo_pit

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