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January 4, 2011
Review by Mo

It is no wonder after the recent success of Alter Bridge's masterpiece AB III that their House of Blues - Hollywood January 4th show would be sold out. Vocalist Myles Kennedy expressed the band's pleasant surprise to the crowd. I am so happy for these guys - they are the real deal.

The opening bands were Like a Storm - good, solid band from New Zealand - uniquely incorporating a didgeridoo (or didge) into their set. Taddy Porter - bluesy, classic 70s influenced rock (a la Black Crowes) - tight musicianship - these guys rocked it. The crowd seemed to like both bands, more so the latter.

AB hit the stage about 10:30pm with Slip Into The Void as the opener.

As AB was preparing to play "One Day Remains" (from their debut album), Mark Tremonti asked the crowd to welcome 2 of the band's "very special friends" to the stage - Eric Friedman (Submersed, CREED) and none other than Wolfgang Van Halen on drums. What a great surprise for the crowd. ERock tore it up on guitar (as always) and Wolfie is really a terrific drummer.

Just after Come To Life, Myles was handed an acoustic and played the intro to The Beatles' Blackbird... leading right into AB's Blackbird. Nice touch - loved it!

As Myles Kennedy was introducing 'Isolation', the first single off AB III, he explained to the crowd that it had been "a long day, but a good day". They had taped Jay Leno's show earlier that evening, and Myles stated, "I think we scared the Leno people...afraid of the it should be" he said as he laughed.

The pièce de résistance...the icing on the cake...OK, you get the idea...the BIG surprise of the night, and for the final encore, Myles invited Slash to the stage. Of course, the crowd went crazy. What I thought was the coolest thing was that Slash started the intro to Rise Today, followed by a flawless solo (duh!). A perfect ending to a perfect show. When I turned to my nephew and asked, "So what do you think?", the only thing he could muster was, "There are no words". Well said. It wasn't until much later on our drive home that he managed to TRY to express what it was like seeing Slash 5 feet in front of him completely shredding on a stage with his favorite band. Needless to say, January 4th, 2011 is a night he will never forget.

I read a recent review of an AB show where it was stated that Alter Bridge is "the best kept secret in rock music". Had this reviewer been living under a rock? there are some that haven't yet heard of Alter Bridge, but to quote a friend of mine, "AB is no secret to me". Having followed this band since (before) day one, I can tell you that AB is worthy of all the recognition they can handle and so richly deserve!

Alter Bridge is:

Myles Kennedy - lead vocals, guitar
Mark Tremonti - lead guitar, backup vocals
Brian Marshall - bass
Brian "Flip" Phillips - drums

Their setlist:

1. Slip Into the Void
2. Buried Alive
3. Before Tomorrow Comes
4. Find The Real
5. Brand New Start
6. White Knuckles
7. All Hope Is Gone
8. Metalingus
9. Ghost of Days Gone By
10. Broken Wings
11. Ties That Bind
12. Coming Home
13. One Day Remains
14. I Know It Hurts
15. Come to Life
16. Blackbird
17. Watch Over You
18. Open Your Eyes
19. Isolation
20. Rise Today

AB III - in stores now - available on iTunes and

Photos courtesy of Terry Tye - thank you!





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