HOB Las Vegas
Photo Review By: ~ Cindy

After two great sets from Like A Storm, and Black Stone Cherry the crowd was ready for the mighty AlterBridge. The show was flawless and once again AlterBridge showed how good they are at their business... the business is rock... and business is good! Even Vinnie Paul of HellYeah was in attendance to catch the show. The crowd response was good and you could really hear the crowd singing along to most of the songs. If you get a chance to catch AlterBridge on this current tour, Full Metal Rock highly suggests you do. One of the Best bands out there today.

Set List

Slip to The Void
Buried Alive
Before Tomorrow
Find The Real
Brand New Start
White Knuckles
All Hope Is Gone
Ghost of Days
Broken Wings
Life Must Go On
Ties That Bind
Still Remains
I know It Hurts
Come To Life
Open Your Eyes
Rise Today





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