Accept Live Photo Review

Sept 13th

Count's Vamp'd

Las Vegas

Photo/Review By: ~Paul Santos

An all out onslaught of power!

Welcome to the almighty Accept

Vampd Vegas, The Best Venue in Vegas played Host to heavy metal legends ACCEPT on their Blind Rage Tour.

...This being one of only four USA shows!

A special night indeed.

Fans came from as far as Mexico, California, and Texas just to get a glimpse of the heavy metal titans show.

The band consisting of Peter Baltes (bass), Herman Frank(lead and rhythm guitar), Stefan Schwarzmann(drums) ,Wolf Hoffmann (lead and rhythm guitar) and last but not least monster vocalist (and not so new addition to the fold) Mark Tornillo.

The band was as tight as a set of vise grips and just as loud and proud as ever, I myself have seen this version of the new improved ACCEPT three times now, and every time is better.

I see no signs of slowing down for this German guitar Riff machine, Hoffman and company, Wolf is one of my favorite guitarists, He and Herman kick ass.

They came to deliver the goods and that's just what they did this hot September Night in Vegas at Vamp'd.

Photos - Click On Image Below

Vamp'd is one of the coolest clubs in Vegas, I spend so much time here, I call it my second home, also a great place to check out when visiting Vegas on vacation, all the locals know Vamp'd.

Electric Messiah got the set to a rocking start then about 11pm. After that everybody knew nobody was going to be moving an inch from the front of the stage, cause if you did your spot was gone.

ACCEPT opened their set with 'Stampede'

Wolf had a guitar with the new CD cover from Blind Rage image on it, including eyes that glowed in the dark, a Bad Ass touch in the lighting.

From there the rocking didn't stop till encore 'Balls to the Wall'.

An Epic Full Out Assualt of Power and Volume, They Never let up the whole night!

Wow, What an Experience.

Set List:

Great show!!!



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