Austin's finest, Arc Angels are back, not only are they on tour right now and coming to a city near you, they are also recording new music, and will be releasing a new DVD/CD next month. Full Metal Rock was able to catch their show at HOB Anaheim on July 16th. Enjoy the images from that night captured by our great photographer Edward. (Maybe we should call him Edward the Great) We will also be catching their show in Las Vegas at The Hilton on The 22nd.

�Arc Angels originally formed in 1990. This was shortly after Stevie Ray Vaughan was killed in a tragic helicopter crash, and some say The day the music died. Two of the surviving members of Stevie's band "Double Trouble" Drummer Chris Layton, and Bassist Tommy Shannon, united with Charlie Sexton, and Doyle Bramhall II . They would play their first show just 6 weeks after the loss of Stevie.

You may know some history about the Austin Scene or you may not, but one could write an entire novel on the Austin Scene and how Chris, Tommy, Charlie, Doyle II (and his father Doyle I) and the way they can all be connected to Stevie Ray Vaughan. This would put the six degrees of Kevin Bacon to Shame, but wait you could even connect Kevin Bacon (a musician himself)

The Arc Angels recorded one self titled release in 1992, that I believe is one of the best Rock/Blues albums of modern times ever recorded, and although critically acclaimed, and charted high on Billboard, I still think its one of the most underrated albums of the entire 90's. It is one of those albums that every single song is awesome, no fillers, just pure magic from start to finish. The way Charlie and Doyle coexist as lead vocalists, and lead guitarists, and the way their 2 different styles compliment each other is unique and powerful.

�Arc Angels would tour extensively during those few years, including appearances on Letterman (twice), Austin City Limits Festival (Headliner), and several others. They had their videos in rotation on Mtv. They gigged hard and played every town you can think of. They did several headlining tours, and also opened for bands like Bryan Adams who was a huge draw at that time. I did manage to catch them live three times during that run, twice at the coach house in San Juan Capistrano, Calif, and at Universal Ampetheatre in Hollywood. I was inked to go their Huge Show this year at SXSW where I was offered the chance to interview them, but I had to cancel in the 23rd hour. Talk about your all time backfire, this is the show that would become the show they would announce their new reunited band, and their plans for the future, and the show that rocked SXSW this year, creating the biggest Buzz at SXSW with only one other band coming close, in Metallica playing at Stubbs.

So in 1994 the Arc Angels would abruptly disband and go their separate ways.

Each member went on to other projects. Charlie Sexton Did some solo albums, produced, and toured with Bob Dylan. Tommy Shannon worked in Austin Band Storyville. Doyle Bramhall II did solo albums as well as tour with Eric Clapton and Roger Waters. Chris Layton did 3 albums with Storyville, and played with John Mayer, and Buddy Guy.

Fast Forward 2009 The Arc Angels are Back Charlie, Doyle, and Chris are back this time with a new band, a Three Piece. Not only are Charlie and Doyle writing together again (New Material), but they are coming to a town near you. If you were ever a Fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rock or Blues Music I encourage you to go checkout Arc Angels. It's music with emotion, music with soul. These are the kinds of musicians, that musicians listen too.

�You know you don't always have to be going a million miles an hour to show off your chops, sometimes you need to slow down and listen to the music. Arc Angels are that band. Don't believe me just ask any random Joe in Austin Texas. Music from the heart, and soul.















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